Everything you need to know about the Cloud9 TFT Fates NA Qualifier

Players will compete for four NA Regional Final slots.

Image via Riot Games

Cloud9 has revealed the dates and format for the upcoming 2021 Teamfight Tactics North American Qualifier.

North American TFT qualifiers leading up to the Fates North American Regional Finals in 2021 will include the C9 NA Qualifier on Jan. 29 to 31. The event features a total prize pool of $5,000, qualifier points towards the 2021 Regional Finals, and the top four finishers of the C9 NA Qualifer earn an automatic invite to the Fates NA Qualifier Four.

Tacticians competing in the C9 Fates NA Qualifier will include players from previous qualifiers and the top-10 competitors via the Jan. 27 weekly ladder snapshot.  

  • Four players from the Liquid Fates Qualifier.
  • Two players from the Giant Slayer Challenger Series.
  • Eight players from the Team Liquid Open Qualifier Bracket.
  • The top 10 players from the Giant Slayer’s Jan. 27 weekly ladder snapshot.

The main broadcast hosted by C9 will feature Erik “DoA” Lonnquist and Dan “Frodan” Chou as casters, along with Khalif “Khroen” Hashim as an analyst. Coverage begins at 6pm CT each day.

If players who have qualified via the ladder snapshot decline, C9 is extending invitations up to the top 25 competitors. A total of five TFT players have already qualified for the C9 Fates NA Qualifier as of Jan. 14: Robinsongz, Mismatched Socks, C9 k3soju, TSM Souless, and kci. 

Image via Riot Games

For the first time in the TFT esports short history, the C9 Fates NA Qualifers featured a new three day format. 

Screengrab via C9 Twitch

Day one

  • A total of 24 players competed over the course of six rounds.
  • Games one and two showcased random lobbies.
  • Games three and four lobbies were seeded by total scores.
  • Games five and six lobbies were re-seeded based on total scores.
  • The 16 highest scoring competitors advanced to day two.

Day two

  • A total of 16 players competed in six rounds.
  • Seeding was based on day one scores.
  • Lobbies rotated every two games.
  • The eight highest-scoring players advanced to day three.

Day three

  • A total of five games played.
  • The four highest-scoring players earn an invite to the Fates Qualifier four. 

The TFT North America Regional Finals are scheduled to take place on March 6 to 7 and 12 to 13. C9’s NA Qualifier, also known as Fates Qualifier No. 3, will take place from Jan. 29 to 31. The next Fates Qualifier (No. 4) is scheduled for Feb. 26 to 28.  

Correction Jan. 17 9am CT: This article previously stated “four invitations to the 2021 Regional Finals.” This has been corrected to say competitors can earn “qualifier points” towards the NA Regional Finals and that the top four finishers at the C9 NA Qualifiers earn an invite to the Fates NA Qualifier Four.

Update Jan 17 9am CT: Broadcast times for the C9 NA Qualifier were updated.

Update Jan. 29 9pm CT: The format for each of three days of competition has been updated.