How to play Daeja TFT Set 7

Play Daeja to her fullest potential.

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Supporting and sometimes carrying the Mirage trait, Daeja is a solid Teamfight Tactics Set Seven dragon that slots into a variety of Dragonlands comps.

Each TFT Set Seven dragon takes up two slots on the battlefield, costs double their tier, and adds three to their Origin trait. Daeja’s main trait is Mirage, a Dragonlands trait that is similar to Mutant from Set Six. There are seven possible sub-traits within MIrage, determining which Set Seven champion should be the primary carry. 

Daeja was given a significant rework following the Dragonlands launch via Patch 12.12, followed by an immediate hotfix. But the nerfs to the Mirage dragon from the hotfix didn’t remove her as a playable Set Seven champion but instead focused Daeja’s power on her active Wind Blast spell. Daeja’s passive sends out a barrage of missiles that reduce an enemy’s magic resistance while dealing minor amounts of damage. And her Wind Blast spell is great for targeting clumped enemies while dealing a significant amount of damage. 

How to play Daeja TFT Set Seven

Best Mirage traits for Daeja

Daeja is great at hitting large groups clumped together, weakening the enemy’s magic resistance. She can get used as a secondary support carrier or as a primary carrier depending on the Mirage sub-trait. The best Mirage traits to use Daeja as a primary carry are Spellsword, Duelist, Executioner, and Warlords. Of the four, Spellsword is one of the best Set Seven Mirage sub-traits for Daeja as a primary carry. 

Yone is also a solid primary carry as a three-star within these Mirage traits as well. And Yasuo can become the primary carrier in the late game if hitting a three-star Yone isn’t possible or reasonable due to contention. The build for a Yone reroll carry, however, is different from a Daeja comp as it focuses on the Warrior and Bruiser traits.

Best Draconic Augments for Daeja and Mirage comps

The TFT Set Seven Draconic Augments can provide a variety of support and power to a Mirage comp playing Daeja. Key Augments to look for are a Mirage Crown or Cavalier Crown/Crest, in addition to Hallucinate. Crowns and Crests provide emblems while Haullucinate is a Mirage-specific Draconic Augment that has Mirage units take 90 percent less damage for the first five seconds of combat and grants a Yone.

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Healing Draconic Augments that work well with Mirage units are Second Wind and Thrill of the Hunt. Best Friends is a solid choice for a Daeja carry comp as it provides additional attack speed and armor for Set Seven champions that start combat adjacent to one another. 

Underrated Augments that work with Daeja comps as well are Sunfire Board and Better Together. Sunfire Board is a solid opening Augment that synergizes well with Daeja reducing magic resistance during the mid and late-game stages. And Better Together can get used when lacking best-in-slot items, using the Locket of Iron Solari on either the frontline or backline while prioritizing Zeke’s Herald to increase the speed of Daeja’s attacks. 

Best Daeja Set Seven TFT items

Prior to finding a Daeja, since the dragon is a tier-four Set Seven champion that costs eight gold, Yone or Ezreal are the ideal item holders for her. Quicksilver is a must-have third item slot holder for Daeja, or any Mirage primary carrier, due to the amount of crowd control during the late-game stages. And Guinsoo’s Rageblade increases the speed of her attacks, prompting Daeja to cast her spell multiple times during a combat stage. 

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Hextech Gunblade is an ideal item choice when you don’t have any healing Draconic Augments. Statikk Shiv is a great early game item that can go on Ezreal and have value on Daeja later while Deathcap can increase her ability power damage. And Hand of Justice is a solid TFT Set Seven item that can get used on either Yone or Ezreal during the late game while still providing value on Daeja later on.