TFT Set 7 Patch 12.12: Full notes and updates

Massive changes tone down overperformers and speed up the pace of combat.

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The first balance update following the release of Teamfight Tactics Set Seven Dragonlands is packed with big and small changes that target gameplay systems, champions, traits, items, bug fixes, and Draconic Augments. 

Since the release of TFT Set Seven, a mostly healthy meta has allowed players to compete with a variety of comps and champions. Patch 12.12 targets overperforming champions from the release, like Diana, who was also bugged. The team also made adjustments to a number of traits with the goal of speeding up the overall pace of gameplay while reworking several champions, buffing underperformers, resolving over two dozen bug issues, and balancing Draconic Augments

From Drangonlands nerfs and buffs to reworks and bug fixes, here are the full TFT Set Seven Patch 12.12 notes

Patch 12.12 June 23 hotfix

Following the release of Patch 12.12, the TFT pushed through a hotfix that reverted buffs to Volibear and made critical adjustments to Daeja.

  • Daeja: Attack damage reduced from 40 to 20
  • Daeja: Windblast passive on-hit bolt damage nerfed from 55/85/300 to 30/45/200
  • Volibear: Relentless Storm bonus health reverted from 550/1000/1800 back to 375/650/1200
  • Volibear: Relentless Storm third auto bonus magic damage nerfed from 170/180/190 to 160/175/190
  • Legend trait: Ability power steal buff reverted from 50 to 40 percent
  • Shen: Maximum mana nerf from 60/90 to 60/105

Patch 12.12 system and mode changes

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The inclusion of the Treasure Dragon has been one of the many highlights within TFT Set Seven, despite the awkwardness of when the shop refreshes and the time between Stages. Several system changes getting implemented within Patch 12.12 to the Treasure Dragon should smooth out the transition between Stages.

  • Following the Treasure Dragon, round gold and an automatic shop refresh will no longer trigger at the start of Stage 5-1.
  • A three-second transition phase between Stage 4-7 and Stage 5-1 has been removed.
  • Players will no longer have Treasure Dragon content automatically selected two seconds before the 60-seconds runs out on Stage 4-7. 

A UI icon for Double Up players was added to the round tracker, providing information as to when Runes of Allegiance will appear during a game upon mousing-over or tapping the icon. And several adjustments were made to the Hyper Roll mode, targeting Nomsy and Shimmerscale items. 

  • Hyper Roll: Draven’s Axe gold per cash out reduced from eight to seven
  • Hyper Roll: Heart of Gold units per gold increased from one to two
  • Hyper Roll: Mogul’s Mail gold at full stacks reduced from four to three
  • Hyper Roll: Trainers have a chance to feed one extra Snax instead of always throwing two Snax treats to Nomsy
  • Hyper Roll: Built Different rework has stats scale with Stage number between Stages four and eight

Patch 12.12 item changes

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Only three total items were targeted within Patch 12.12, specifically Deathblade. 

  • Deathblade: Attack damage nerfed from 40/70/100 to 40/60/80
  • Radiant Deathblade: Attack damage nerfed from 60/100/140 to 60/90/120
  • Radiant Sunlight Cape: Health reduced from 800 to 600

Patch 12.12 Draconic Augment balance changes

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Ascension was one of the strongest Draconic Augments at the release of TFT Set Seven due to combat taking longer to resolve. And Built Different One was one of the least played Augments during the PBE testing period. Stage scaling was added to Built Different, True Twos was buffed, and items granted from Crown and Soul Augments have been adjusted. 

  • Ascension: Moved from Silver to Gold tier
  • Astral Heart: Moved from Gold to Silver tier
  • Binary Airdrop: Grants a random item component in addition to a completed item at the start of combat
  • Built Different: Rework—Stats will scale with Stage number between Stages two and five
  • Built Different One: Health and attack speed adjusted to 250/300/350/400 health and 40/50/60/70 percent attack speed
  • Built Different Two: Health and attack speed adjusted to 300/400/500/600 health and 50/60/70/80 percent attack speed
  • Built Different Three: Health and attack speed adjusted to 400/500/600700 health and 60/70/80/90 percent attack speed
  • Cannoneer Crown: Item granted changed from Giant Slayer to Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Cruel Pact: Only appears at Stage 2-1
  • Double Trouble Three: Attack damage, ability power, armor, and magic resistance reduced from 55 to 50
  • Inspire: Attack speed increased from 60 to 70 percent
  • Jade Soul: Item granted changed from Ionic Spark to Titan’s Resolve
  • Living Forge: Orb VFX updated to the Ornn item Orb
  • Party Time!: Attack speed on Revel units scoring a takedown increased from 75 to 80 percent
  • Preparation: No longer appears at Stage 4-2
  • Radiant Relics: Armory choices increased from four to five
  • Reckless Spending: Damage amplification increased from 40 to 50 percent
  • Ricochet: Cannoneer bounce damage reduced from 66 to 50 percent
  • Shapeshifter Soul: Item granted changed from Hand of Justice to Sunfire Cape
  • Titanic Strength: Health percentage to attack damage reduced from two to 1.5 percent
  • Trade Sector: Grants a free shop refresh every round and five gold upon choosing the Draconic Augment
  • Trade Sector: Only appears at Stage 3-2
  • True Twos: Rework—Gain one random two-star tier-one champion and one random two-star tier-two champion
  • Essence Theft: Evoker mana steal increased from four to five
  • Meditation: Mana for unequipped units reduced from 5/7/10 to 4/6/8
  • Scorch: The fifth instance of Ragewing damage amplification reduced from 40 to 33 percent
  • The Golden Egg: Turns to hatch increased from 10 to 11
  • Second Wind: Missing health heal reduced from 50/75 to 40/60 percent
  • Luden’s Echo One: Damage reduced from 70/90/110/130 to 60/80/100/120
  • Luden’s Echo Two: Damage reduced from 100/125/150/175 to 85/110/135/160
  • Luden’s Echo Three: Damage reduced from 140/180/220/260 to 120/160/200/240

Patch 12.12 trait balance changes

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The launch of Set Seven had several traits like Bruiser and Guardian slowing down the pace of combat. Adjustments were made to lower health and shields in an effort to speed up the overall combat pace at all stages. Vertical traits that were overperforming, like Ragewing, were nerfed, while multiple Shimmerscale items were adjusted. 

  • Assassin: Bonus crit damage nerfed from 20/40/60 to 15/30/50 percent
  • Astral: Ability power increased at nine units from 60 to 70
  • Astral: Emblem re-enabled but will not appear on Carousels
  • Bruiser: Health nerfed from 200/350/500/800 to 200/325/450/700
  • Cannoneer: Attack damage scaling of the fifth shot buffed from 150/175/225/275 to 150/200/250/300 percent
  • Dragon: Health reduced from 750 to 700
  • Guardian: Maximum health percentage shield adjusted from 35/50/65 to 30/45/65 percent 
  • Jade: Tooltip updated to clarify that the buff persists as long as units start combat adjacent to a statue
  • Legend: Ability power steal increased from 40 to 50 percent
  • Mirage: Dawnbringers Determination—Maximum health heal percentage reduced to 40/70/70 and the heal twice is now 125
  • Ragewing: Attack speed adjusted from 50/150/250 to 50/125/225 percent
  • Ragewing: Omnivamp adjusted from 30/50/80 to 30/50/70 percent
  • Scalescorn: Bonus magic damage adjusted from 25/50/80 to 20/50/80 percent
  • Shapeshifter: Health percentage increase reduced from 50/100/150 to 45/90/135 percent
  • Shimmerscale: Exclusive items granted adjusted from 1/2/3/5 to 1/2/4/5
  • Shimmerscale: Draven’s Axe—Gold cash out reduced from 10 to eight
  • Shimmerscale: Gambler’s Blade—Chance to proc on attack increased from five to six percent
  • Shimmerscale: Heart of Gold—Units per gold increased from two to three
  • Swiftshot: Attack speed per Hex reduced from 12/25/40 to 10/20/40 percent
  • Warrior: Attack damage scaling on empowered attack adjusted from 120/200/300 to 120/200/350 percent

Patch 12.12 champion balance changes

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Patch 12.12 targeted almost every TFT Set Seven champion with some type of balance change, from nerfs and buffs to reworks and minor lever tweaks. A total of four Dragonlands champions were revoked. Underperformers like Volibear were buffed and overperformers like Sett were nerfed. 


  • Ezreal: Mystic shot damage nerfed from 175/250/350 to 150/225/300
  • Heimerdinger: Mana nerfed form 40/80 to 50/100
  • Heimerdinger: Egg Toss damage adjusted from 225/300/400 to 225/325/450
  • Heimerdinger: Stun duration from spell changed from 1.5/1.75/2 to 1.5 seconds across the board
  • Karma: Targeting fixed so that her spell explodes on the center of the missile’s target as opposed to slightly in front of the target
  • Karma: Inner Flame damage is now 225/275/350
  • Leona: Health reduced from 700 to 650
  • Nidalee: Attack speed nerfed across the board from 50/55/60 to 45/45/45 percent
  • Sett: Knuckle Down attack damage ratio nerfed from 170 to 150 percent
  • Tahm Kench: Rework—Deals damage based on the next three attacks that strike him instead of via an internal cooldown and bonus damage only occurs while the shield holds
  • Tahm Kench: Tooltip now states “The next three enemy attacks Tahm Kench receives during this duration deal magic damage to the attacker.”
  • Tahm Kench: Thick Skin shield adjusted from 250/300/425 to 250/300/350


  • Nami: Maximum mana nerfed from 40/80 to 50/90
  • Jinx: Mana buffed from 60/120 to 50/100
  • Shen: Maximum mana nerf from 60/90 to 75/105
  • Shen: Attack speed increased from 0.65 to 0.7
  • Thresh: Targeting adjusted so that he always selects his hook target before enemy movement begins, allowing Thresh to hook Cavalier units that started combat as the farthest unit from him


  • Anivia: Prismatic Storm damage buffed from 300/400/600 to 325/450/700
  • Diana: Bug fix no longer has Diana’s shield stacking on itself once all the Orbs burst and it will refresh as intended while her Orbs will properly scale with ability power now
  • Diana: Pale Cascade orb damage reduced from 100/110/120 to 80/90/100
  • Illaoi: cosmic Smash armor and magic resistance steal reduced from 40 to 33 percent
  • Lee Sin: Dragon’s Rage damage buffed from 275/325/425 to 300/375/500
  • Lee Sin: Mana nerfed form 0/70 to 40/100
  • Lulu: Mana adjusted from 70/140 to 75/150
  • Nunu: consume damage adjusted from 350/500/900 to 350/500/800
  • Olaf: Attack damage reduced from 60 to 50
  • Swain: Draconic Ascension damage adjusted from 70/110/165 to 75/115/175
  • Sylas: Rework—Sylas no longer Mana-Reaves on the first spell cast nor shields when casting Petricite Burst on Mana-Reaved targets and will now shield on the first cast
  • Sylas: If Sylas has already shielded himself the spell will hit two Hexes and Mana-Reaves any enemy hit
  • Sylas: Shield will now stack
  • Sylas: Petricite Burst shield amount reduced from 700/750/800 to 300/350/400
  • Sylas: Petricite Burst damage reduced from 150/225/350 to 125/200/300
  • Sylas: Mana nerfed from 50/100 to 60/120
  • Ryze: Bug fix for Ryze has the champion change targets when the primary target is eliminated or becomes untargetable through effects like Edge of Night stealth and Zhonya’s Paradox stasis.
  • Ryze: Health reduced from 650 to 600
  • Volibear: Attack speed increased from 0.7 to 0.75
  • Volibear: Relentless Storm bonus health on activation buffed from 375/650/1200 to 550/1000/1800
  • Volibear: Relentless Storm third auto bonus magic damage increased from 160/175/190 to 170/180/190


  • Corki: Missile Barrage final missile reworked to always explode at the target location as opposed to flying off the battlefield without hitting anything
  • Daeja: Rework—Daeja’s triple missile barrage is now an always-on part of her passive, rather than a temporary buff for 10 seconds after she casts, and impact timing was adjusted to better match visuals
  • Daeja: Maximum mana buffed from 90/120 to 0/100
  • Daeja: Attack speed nerfed from 0.8 to 0.6
  • Daeja: Windblast passive on-hit magic damage buffed from 35/55/200 to 55/85/300
  • Daeja: Windblast passive magic resistance reduction on attack increased from three to five
  • Daeja: Windblast Wave damage buffed from 100/175/1000 to 225/350/1500
  • Talon: Bug fix—Talon recalling his Shadow Assault blades will correctly get applied to secondary targets they pass through instead of dealing no damage
  • Talon: Talon will no longer cast his spell if no units are within the range of his blade ring
  • Talon: Shadow Assault Blade Ring attack damage scaling adjusted from 00/100/200 to 75/75/200 percent
  • Talon: Total damage with the bug fix is now 150/150/400 percent
  • Xayah: Feathers Fly spell feathers fired reduced from 2/2/5 to 2/2/4
  • Xayah: Feather damage adjusted from 15/25/75 to 15/20/50


  • Ao Shin: Health reduced from 950 to 900
  • Aurelion Sol: Health reduced from 950 to 900
  • Shyvana: Rework—Shyvana will immediately cast Flame Breath upon transformation and her Flame Breath will follow her with movement while finding new targets if there are no current targets
  • Shyvana: Crash damage reduced from 250/400/750 to 100/175/500
  • Shyvana: Flame Breath health percentage damage buffed from 30/40/200 to 45/65/300 percent
  • Shyvana: Flame Breath duration increased from one to 3.5 seconds
  • Shyvana: Flame Breath damage tick rate increased from 0.25 to 0.5 seconds
  • Shyvana: Flame Breath damage lingers for at least three ticks, up to the maximum damage amount
  • Shyvana: Mana adjusted from 0/30 to 45/75
  • Yasuo: Third cast attack damage scaling reduced from 300 to 250 percent
  • Zoe: Daisy will now spawn at the target’s location instead of Zoe’s location
  • Zoe: Janna Tornado stun reduced from 1.5 to 1.25 seconds

Patch 12.12 bug fixes

Image via Riot Games
  • Sy’fen tooltip updated regarding paraphrasing around scaling and pronouns
  • Ao Shin’s tooltip was updated to reflect that he “reduces” the enemy’s mana rather than “draining” it
  • Aatrox will no longer have his weapon disappear upon casting his spell
  • Eye of the Storm will no longer grant post-lightning bonus AP even after the Tempest trait is deactivated
  • The Shields and Healing chart will now show Idas’ shields
  • Astral units that are not three-star will continue to appear in the Astral shop, not including Aurelion Sol
  • The Astral shop counter will persist through trait deactivation
  • Astral Orb values improved for three-star units in play to prevent a bug that occurred if a player had a Heart or Soul Astral Draconic Augment
  • The icon colors for six and nine Astral have been fixed
  • Radiant Zeke’s Herald will now have the intended 10 percent omnivamp instead of 0.1 percent
  • The Neeko tether has been fixed and she will always transform into her tethered target instead of another nearby target
  • The Mirage Electric Overload tooltip was adjusted to clarify that it deals a percentage of the Mirage unit’s maximum health and not the enemy’s
  • Mages can no longer gain mana during a bonus cast and are mana locked with their standard cast time
  • Nami and Qiyana hitboxes are now more accurate for selecting and giving items
  • Nunu can no longer eat a unit that has pending damage immunity effects from items like Zhonya’s or Diamond Hands but will try to consume them and spit them back out instead
  • A bug having the Draconic Augment Big Friend Two appear frequently at Stage 2-1 has been resolved
  • Icons will now appear for Cursed Crown and Ancient Archives One
  • Qiyana will no longer cast their spell twice
  • Corki will no longer get locked out of attacking after firing the Big One
  • Neeko will no longer add copied allies’ ability power to her own rather than copying their ability power
  • Sylas and Sejuani can now cast properly with Rapidfire Cannon
  • Nami will now target the lowest percent health ally with her heal instead of the lowest health ally
  • Hecarim will now face his target before casting
  • Base critical strike damage from Braum is now 130 instead of 150 percent
  • Neeko will no longer have doubled benefits when equipped with Infinity Edge
  • Loot Orb colors were fixed from Ancient Archives, Band of Thieves, and Salvage Bin
  • Bugs affecting the Set Seven item Banshee’s Claw have been resolved
  • Banshee’s Claw will now block a Sy’fen knock up
  • Banshee’s Claw will now block a Gnar ability stun
  • Banshee’s Claw will now block Swain Fireballs
  • Banshee’s Claw will now block ability damage from Tahm Kench
  • Illaoi can no longer gain stolen resistances if her ability is blocked by Banshee’s Claw
  • Bard will no longer create a Doot if his ability doesn’t affect anyone due to Banshee’s Claw

Update June 23 3:30pm CT: A TFT Patch 12.12 hotfix was applied.

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