How Sona works as five-cost in TFT Set 10

The mixmaster is back in Set 10 and better than ever.

DJ Sona from League of Legends and TFT Set 10
Image via Riot Games

Outside of Kayn’s introduction into Teamfight Tactics Set 10 as the five-cost for the Heartsteel trait, Sona is the perfect representation of the latest set’s theme, musical, creative, and very fun if played right.

Here is how Sona works as a five-cost unit in TFT Set 10, along with what traits she has, and how her ability works.

Sona’s traits in TFT Set 10

Similar to fellow five-costs in Set 10 like Jhin, Sona has two traits, but the first is entirely unique to her within the set. This trait is called Mixmaster. When Sona is placed on the TFT battlefield, the player can choose what kind of benefit she provides to the team. Those three choices are healing and shielding, attack speed, and ability power plus damage, as she can help her entire team once her ability goes off.

The other trait she has works in tandem with Mixmaster and her ability. Spellweaver is a trait designed to make magic casters stronger, especially the more they cast in a combat round, as they gain ability power per cast. That ability power scales with all facets of her ability, from the shielding and attack speed buffs to the more damaging option.

How Sona’s ability, The Drop, works in TFT Set 10

The Drop seems like a lot of complex information when you first read into it, but it’s relatively simple once you break it down into sections.

First, the passive for The Drop is that Sona doesn’t attack enemies whatsoever. She instead uses her attack towards her allies, giving them either healing, attack speed, or ability power, based on which version the player chose with Mixmaster.

Then, the active is just a heightened version of that same Mixmaster buff, either healing and shielding the entire team, giving her entire TFT team an attack speed boost, or dealing damage towards the nearest enemies.

Art of Sona from TFT Set 10
Art of Sona from TFT Set 10. Image via Riot Games

Due to her mana requirement to cast her ability, Sona needs items like the Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Spear of Shojin, or Blue Buff to get her ability off enough for the Spellweaver trait to get much use, outside of its flat ability power increase. But, if she stays alive long enough in fights, she can keep your team alive during crucial moments, or help finish the blow by expediting allies’ attacks or dealing the magic damage herself.

Sona by definition is a supportive champion in both League of Legends and TFT and her new role in Set 10 allows her to be one of the best five-costs of this release.


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