Best team comps for Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.23

One fan compiled team comps from top Challenger players.

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Yesterday’s Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.23 balanced out some problematic units and items, as well as introduced the autobattler’s second ranked season. For players overwhelmed with all the changes or those looking to solidify some good team comps before hitting the ranked grind, one fellow competitor may be able to help.

A TFT player compiled a list of meta team compositions used by Challenger players and posted the spreadsheet on Reddit today. The chart provides players with insight on how to build, itemize, and position your units on the hex board.

Here are the top-three team comps for Patch 9.23.

Shadow, Inferno, Summoner

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Twitch streamer Sologesang suggests that one of the top S-class compositions focuses on making Kindred and Master Yi your two hyper carries. Putting AP and mana items on Kindred, such as Seraph’s and Luden’s, will help them use their ability more often and maximize the damage output. Stacking other Inferno units, like Brand and Annie, will add to the hex board destruction.

And even though Patch 9.23 nerfed the bonus damage provided by the Shadow trait, Master Yi continues to be a power pick. Equipping the Blademaster with Iceborne Gauntlet, Phantom Dancer, and Guinsoo’s Rageblade will make him an unstoppable and tanky force to be reckoned with.

To round out the team comp, tanks like Yorick and Sion will draw unit aggro, along with the additional units from the Summoner trait.

Ocean Mage

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Ocean Mage continues to be one of the stronger team compositions, according to former League of Legends pro Brandon “Saintvicious” DiMarco. Being able to use an ability two times in a row is extremely powerful, especially paired with the newly-buffed Ocean trait. Riot increased the mana regeneration per second in Patch 9.23, which allows units to use their abilities more often.

Snagging Vladimir, Nami, Syndra, and Nautilus will give you the four-unit Ocean bonus. This will help Mages like Veigar, who obliterates any unit that’s a lower level than him, a chance to take over the game.

Players will want to prioritize items for Nami and Brand, who will act as the carries for this team comp. Making Nami a Mage, with the Mage’s Cap Spatula item, allows her to send out two waves. Putting a Morellonomicon and Spear of Shojin on the Tidecaller is a power play. And increasing Brand’s mana, attack speed, and ability power with items like Rabadon’s, Seraph’s and Rapid Firecannon, will help with the AoE destruction.

Blademaster Assassin

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Master Yi once again finds himself in a top-tier team composition in the form of Blademasters. In this Sologesang team comp, Master Yi and Nocturne are the carries with Sivir helping disable enemy units. Making Nocturne a Blademaster with Blade of the Ruined King is necessary to hit the four-unit bonus and get the most efficiency out of the assassin. Putting an Infinity Edge and Guinsoo’s on him will give him the tools he needs to jump on and wipe out the enemy backline.

Master Yi uses the same item setup from the Shadow, Inferno, Summoner team comp. But the Blademaster bonus gives him additional auto attacks to decimate tanks, mages, and ranged carries.

Teamfight Tactics meta is likely to shift throughout Set Two: Rise of the Elements, but these comps can help you start the ranked grind strong.