Yogscast CEO Mark “Turps” Turpin steps down after sexual harassment allegations

This is the second sexual harassment case to hit the Yogscast in two weeks.

Screengrab via Turps

After Matthew “CaffCast” Meredith was terminated from the company as a result of sexual exploitation allegations, Yogscast’s CEO Mark “Turps” Turpin has now officially resigned from his position over separate allegations of sexual harassment.

Allegations came to light after CaffCast was terminated, with one user claiming that Turpin asked them “for nudes when [they] were younger.” Afterward, Yogscast’s founder Lewis Brindley asked fans for their stories if they had “a negative experience” with a member of the Yogscast.

The announcement was made by Turpin himself on the Yogscast subreddit. Turpin said that, because the company “expected the highest levels of professionalism from our talent, I need to be held to those standards too.”

He also admitted to the allegations. “I have sent some inappropriate messages to several members of our community and I’m deeply embarrassed about this error of judgment,” he said. “There’s no justification or excuse for my behaviour.”

He added: “I was in a position of considerable responsibility and you all deserved better from me. If you’ve been upset by my actions, I’m very sorry.”


The company has made no announcements about who will replace Turpin in his position as CEO. He had been in the position since 2012.