XQc jokingly takes credit for Corpse Husband’s meteoric rise

"I made him."

Screengrab via xQcOW on Twitch

Twitch star xQc claimed responsibility for the popularity of one of the most mysterious streamers on the platform, Corpse Husband. XQc said that playing Among Us with the musician and streamer throughout 2020 was instrumental to his later success.

Corpse Husband saw unprecedented growth in early 2020, amassing millions of fans in only months and quickly growing to become one of the platform’s most prevalent figures. Along with exponential media attention came significantly more pressure on the streamer, however, and he’s taken an indefinite hiatus from the platform despite still appearing on friends’ streams.

A recent video titled “The Curious Case of Corpse” analyzed Corpse Husband’s career and unexpected trajectory, attempting to explain the rise of the enigmatic figure. While watching the video, xQc made the bold claim that he was the true reason why Corpse Husband saw the success that he did.

Halfway through the video explaining Corpse Husband’s relatively humble beginnings, xQc paused the video and re-emphasized his contributions to the streamer’s career. “And then he played in my Among Us lobby, where I literally made him,” xQc staunchly said. “You can skip the rest of the video if you want but I’m telling you right now, that’s the truth.”

While the video continued to name several figures who were key in Corpse Husband’s sustained success, including PewDiePie and several other streams who cropped up around the same approximate time, the video did leave out xQc. Despite being unmentioned, xQc cheekily maintained his role in the streamer’s short yet memorable history.

XQc may have undercut Corpse’s road to success only in a joking manner, but Corpse achieved the overwhelming majority of his success on his own merit.