XQc gets caught stream sniping during Twitch Rivals

Drama at GlitchCon.

Screengrab via xQc

Twitch’s virtual convention GlitchCon has provided fans a range of different content over the weekend all available in the comfort of their home. Included in the fun was a variety of Twitch Rivals tournaments for different games, but none caused as much controversy as the Fall Guys tournament.

During this tournament popular streamer, xQc, and his team were looking to jeopardize a tie-breaking game including team DrLupo. What he later claimed was a joke, xQc and his team proceeded to stream snipe their opponents, eliminating them from the game.

After being successful in this, DrLupo’s team was eliminated, ensuring that the team opposing them would finish ahead in the rankings.

Shroud, who was on DrLupo’s team with Tyler1, raised the point that due to the tournament boasting a cash prize, xQc had broken the terms of service and could potentially be banned for his actions.

While this may be the case, Tyler1 said he hopes xQc does not receive a ban—instead suggesting he should receive a stern warning.

Currently, no action has been taken against xQc, however, he has since released an apology statement through his Twitter.


Ryan Galloway
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