Twitch streamer banned for 2 weeks for broadcasting in TwitchCon partner lounge

The streamer will appeal.

Image via Twitch

Twitch streamer NymN has been banned from the platform for two weeks for briefly streaming in the partner lounge at TwitchCon, according to NymN.

The Swedish streamer said he was hit with a 14-day ban because he was streaming when he was escorting Félix “xQc” Lengyel to his meet and greet. NymN said he wasn’t thinking about “where [he] was pointing the camera due to the stress of the situation.”

And while he acknowledges he made a mistake, NymN said he felt the length of the ban was excessive, considering he had not been banned before. He said he will attempt to appeal the suspension.

What makes NymN’s ban, which is longer than most other recent controversial bans, is that Twitch CEO Emmett Shear said the streaming site takes “context and intent into accounting” when applying its Community Guidelines.

While it’s certainly possible a streamer could knowingly and purposefully stream in the partner lounge, it appears NymN’s incident was not intentionally streaming in the lounge. Instead, it appears NymN was actually helping Twitch by helping one of its most popular streamers meet his adoring fans.

Update Oct. 2 5:12pm CT: Twitch has reduced NymN’s suspension from 14 days to seven days, according to NymN.