Tfue slams desk with both feet while mocking xQc in Fortnite

Desk slamming is one of xQc's signature moves.

Screengrab via Tfue

Fortnite: Battle Royale streamers are merging to become a single entity.

After Félix “xQc” Lengyel danced Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ iconic Pon Pon dance during his Fortnite stream, Turner “Tfue” Tenney impersonated one of xQc’s moments of rage by smashing his desk with both feet last night.

Tfue was having a tough time making an edit to his wall. An opponent was shooting his structure from the back to put pressure on him, and Tfue apparently tried to go for a short rotation and get a better angle to fight. He failed all his edit attempts that would enable that rotation, and a rocket fired by his opponent hit and eliminated him.

“Yeah, I remember how I used to be able to fucking edit, dude,” Tfue said while changing his voice, trying to impersonate xQc. He pushed his chair back and smashed his desk with both feet.

Tfue clearly used that frustrating moment to mock his fellow streamer, since he doesn’t usually act like that. XQc has been playing Fortnite in streams and has continued showing his usual explosive behavior when facing frustrations in game. The situation Tfue went through would’ve certainly triggered xQc if the same thing happened to him.

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As for Tfue, despite doing that as a joke, he disliked his first experience with yesterday’s Fortnite update, which introduced season nine. “I personally don’t like the new map,” he wrote. “All three of my drops spots are ruined. Epic hates me.”

Yesterday’s Fortnite update gave Tilted Towers, a player-favorite drop spot, a huge makeover. It’s become Neo Tilted, got a futuristic vibe, and had its distribution of buildings and loot changed considerably in comparison to the previous version. Retail Row, where many streamers like Tfue used to drop, was replaced by Mega Mall and lost most of its houses and buildings in exchange for one big structure in the center, which also limits the number of places to loot safely in the area.

That’s probably why Tfue showed some xQc vibes yesterday. We’re now waiting for Ninja to impersonate Tfue and prove that the three of them have become the same person.