Tfue says he’ll return to streaming on Twitch on Oct. 1

The Fortnite star will return soon.

Tfue is back on Twitch and YouTube after both channels were taken down.
Screengrab via Tfue

One of the biggest streamers on Twitch will return to the platform at the start of the next month.

Fortnite star Turner “Tfue” Tunney took a break from streaming on Twitch on Sept. 13 because he felt “trapped in a negative crawl space” and wasn’t happy despite having everything he wanted. He decided to take some time off from streaming and didn’t initially set a date for his return.

But Tfue revealed today that he’ll be returning to both YouTube and Twitch on Oct. 1, just five days from now. The tweet showed Tfue performing another stunt by diving off a bridge into the water below.

His motivation to return could have been halted by his current legal battle with his former organization, FaZe Clan. This battle is still in proceedings, according to a report by Richard Lewis. In August, FaZe Clan counter-sued Tfue for supposedly breaching his contract by filing a lawsuit against the organization in May.

It’s unclear whether Tfue will stream other games. The Fortnite streamer has made his thoughts about the battle royale title clear because he’s said that “Fortnite is dying.” He also expressed his desire to play other games.

Regardless, since Tfue has one of the biggest communities on the platform, many fans are looking forward to his return to streaming on Twitch and uploading on YouTube.