Sykkuno surprises fans with subathon stream

He may have a long stream incoming.

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Subathon streams appeared to have been a fad after Ludwig thrust them into mainstream notoriety with his massive one-month-long stream earlier this year—but one streamer is looking to bring them back.

During Sykkuno’s Sept. 30 stream, the Twitch personality surprised his viewers by revealing he would be doing a subathon stream, and that it had started an hour and a half prior when he first went live.

“The timer has been happening the entire time and we only have eight minutes left,” Sykkuno said. “So guys, unfortunately, the subathon is about to end but I’ll keep streaming anyway because I have nothing else to do.”

Despite the streamer joking about the event drawing to its conclusion, fans were quick to jump on board by boosting the clock monumentally, quickly adding hours to the time Sykkuno must remain live.

In self-imposed subathon streams, the streamer has to remain live until the timer reaches zero. For every subscriber during the subathon, time will be added to the clock. In the case of Sykkuno it seems one subscriber equals five seconds more.

At the time of writing, Sykkuno has well over four hours left on the clock and climbing. He didn’t share any hard limits to how long the subathon could last, so it isn’t clear when it will come to an end. With the community support, it might not be for a while.

You can watch on as Sykkuno completes his subathon stream on Twitch here.