Ludwig releases surprise Christmas album

This is perfect for the holiday season.

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DMCA strikes have caused a serious problem on Twitch, resulting in streamers choosing to avoid listening to music on stream. But with the holiday season imminent, popular streamer Ludwig came up with the perfect solution.

To avoid any copyright issues but still be able to play holiday music, Ludwig decided to record a six-song album full of Christmas songs.

While Ludwig might be the main contributor to the album, it also boasts a feature from fellow streamer QTCinderella on their rendition of “Baby it’s Cold Outside.”

Ludwig unveiled the album on his stream first before sharing that the individual tracks will soon be available on YouTube and Spotify.

The streamer does exceptionally well performing on the songs, even managing to hit some of the highest notes throughout the 19-minute runtime “unedited.”

This album isn’t Ludwig’s only Christmas endeavor, either. On Dec. 7, Ludwig will be opening $30,000 worth of Pokémon cards as part of the Pokémon week he and other streamers will be taking part in.