Ludwig is taking a break from YouTube because he feels like he’s run out of ideas for streams

The streaming giant claims he’s in dire need of new ideas.

Screengrab via Ludwig on YouTube

On June 17, Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren announced he’s taking a break from streaming on YouTube for a week to travel with QTCinderella. However, he also admitted he needed the break to brainstorm new content.

“Honestly, I’m looking forward to it,” he told fans during his YouTube broadcast on the same day. “I feel like I’ve been dead ass out of content. So, I feel like with a week off of streaming, I’ll be able to mull over some good stream ideas.”

Screengrab via Ludwig on Twitter

Ludwig explained that, in recent months, he’s spent countless hours flicking through old streams and other people’s streams while he’s been offline to see what’s been performing well, and what’s trending among fans in the community.

However, much to his dismay, he’s found other stars are doing the same things they’ve been doing—and for that reason, nothing has helped spur on any new ideas.

”Hasan is watching people make videos rather than making them himself, Trainwreck is gambling more money than anyone should have in a lifetime, Tyler is playing League of Legends, and Shroud is playing a game that no one is going to play instead of him.”

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Ludwig summarized his frustration in one sentence.

“How am I supposed to yoink and twist when everyone who I want to yoink from is doing boring ass sh*t?” So, that helped him realize it was time to take a break.”

In the first post he’s made during his break, Ludwig revealed he got swarmed by kids at a wedding who asked him if he knew xQc and when he lied and told them he didn’t, they called him “cringe.” That story alone will make for good content for the YouTube star once he breaks his temporary hiatus.

Ludwig didn’t mention the exact date he’d be back.

However, there’s a good chance it’ll be around June 24, given the fact he said it’d last a week. Until then, fans will have to keep up with his adventures on Twitter.