Ironmouse plans to host another Twitch subathon after her last record-breaking show

The quirky VTuber wants to run it back again.

Screengrab via Ironmouse on Twitch

Popular VTuber Ironmouse, who is now the most-subbed female streamer on Twitch, shook the world with her record-breaking subathon between Feb. and Mar. 2022, and she’s planning to do it again.

She mentioned it while speaking to Ludwig, who started the subathon trend, about their experiences with them through her iconic avatar during her July 14 stream.

Ironmouse said she was planning to do a small, week-long subathon in July while her parents were out of town, but an ill-timed sickness made her change her mind because it sapped her energy and left her struggling to stream.

Screengrab via Ironmouse on Twitch

“I felt bad because I felt like I would do more sleeping than being awake and I felt guilty for doing a subathon and being more asleep than awake, so I decided not to do it now. Maybe I can do it at another time,” she explained.

It’s still on the cards because Ironmouse wants to do it to help raise money for the Immune Deficiency Foundation. So, it’s not a matter of if but when.

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However, the date hasn’t been locked in yet.

As for how it will be different from the first subathon, Ironmouse said some people complained about the content being boring, so she’s hoping to change that by planning more things.

“I didn’t even expect it to last more than two to three days. So I didn’t have anything prepared. I just played it by ear and did whatever came to mind,” she explained. “If I were to do it again, I’d definitely have more stuff prepared.”

Several other streamers jumped on the Twitch and YouTube subathon trend, including Sykkuno and Apex Legends streamer Timmy “iiTzTimmy” An. Felix “xQc” Lengyel is planning to do one too, and it has the potential to be the biggest one yet—if he actually follows through on his repeated Twitch promise.

The trend is here to stay, and the impact it had on Ironmouse’s channel, which gained more than 144,604 followers, is proof it can be a surefire way to make waves.