Streamer iiTzTimmy’s subathon ends after 29 days and 50,000 subs

Another great subathon comes to an end.

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After nearly a full month and gaining more than 50,000 subscriptions, iiTzTimmy’s subathon has finally ended. The timer on his subathon clock hit zero this morning while the streamer was still asleep, during viewer media share hours.

While Timmy couldn’t shut off his stream when the subathon timer hit zero, being asleep, his mods changed the title of his stream to “FIN. // DAY 29/29” shortly after, and subscriptions no longer added time to the subathon clock.

There were claims from Timmy’s chat that the subathon timer was bugged and that subscriptions came in as the timer hit zero. “Even if I do revive it, it’s been two hours. It’s going to die eventually,” the streamer explained to his chat. In the end, Timmy decided to run a poll among his viewers, saying that if the vote was at all close, he would end the stream. The poll ended with only an eight-percent difference between viewers who thought the subathon should end and those who thought it should continue, and Timmy subsequently made the decision to end the subathon.

Timmy originally set a one-year cap on his subathon, which would have taken his sub count far ahead of the record Ludwig set with his famous subathon in 2020. In the end, a year proved to be far too ambitious, even for a streamer as entertaining as Timmy. He finished his subathon with a subscriber count just above 59,000. He began the subathon with a sub count below 10,000.

Thanks to the subathon, Timmy now holds the fourth-highest subscriber count on Twitch, according to TwitchTracker. The last few days of his subathon pushed the Apex Legends and VALORANT streamer above some of Twitch’s biggest names, such as NICKMERCS, HasanAbi, and Ibai.

Ever the innovator, Timmy will most likely be back soon with another self-imposed streaming challenge. And for those who will miss the subathon, they can always check back in Timmy’s VODs and various internet clips for some of the best moments from the past month.

The record for longest subathon on Twitch is held by emilycc, who has an ongoing subathon currently. She has been live for 191 days.