Hafu beats streamer in TFT after he made a sexist comment

Hafu teaches an important life lesson—knowing when to put your foot in your mouth.

Image via Riot Games

In what should’ve been a friendly match of Teamfight Tactics, Jacob “JJPasak” Sperk made a sexist remark toward Rumay “Hafu” Wang. Hafu’s response was perfect⁠—winning the game.

During an early round of TFT, JJPasak used a Knight comp to beat Hafu decidedly. After his victory, JJPasak proceeded to make a discriminatory statement toward his opponent.

After his Mordekaiser delivered the final blow, JJPasak taunted Hafu in the in-game chat. “Typical woman losing to a man,” the streamer wrote while laughing. “What’s new?”

Later in the match, Hafu, armed with her Nobles and the karma of the universe, destroyed JJPasak in the final one-vs-one round to secure a victory.

Hafu took the high road in not responding to JJPasak’s insult, but she reported him for hate speech instead. “Angry at me for being a female,” Hafu wrote in the report comment box, along with a smiley face.

After his defeat, JJPasak’s Twitch chat brought up the irony of the situation, defending Hafu as well. “You white knights are so adorable,” the streamer said.

This comes a day after G2 Esports announced that Hafu will be joining its TFT roster as the organization’s first North American and female competitor.

Hafu got her start playing World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Bloodline Champions. She now has multiple TFT accounts in Challenger across NA and European servers.