Fall Guys moves up Steam rankings for active players

On the up and up.

Image via Mediatonic

Mediatonic’s new obstacle racing game Fall Guys is quickly moving up the ladder on Twitch and on Steam as one of its most-played games, reaching number four in terms of current players.

So far today, the game has peaked at 124,772 players with more than 100,000 people currently playing the game.

The number puts Fall Guys just above Grand Theft Auto V on the top 10 list of Steam games. Fall Guys is still reasonably below CS:GO, Dota 2, and PUBG.

CS:GO is the most-played game on Steam currently with around 740,000 people currently playing the game and a peak of 843,194 for the day according to Steam’s official website.

Fall Guys popularity comes shortly following the game’s release earlier this week. The game’s reach has been stimulated by a two-day beta test last weekend that was streamed on Twitch by many well-known variety streamers like xQc and Lirik.

The beta test made Fall Guys one of the most-watched games on Twitch during the weekend despite only being available for 48 hours, and in the process, it hyped up players to try out the silly yet cut-throat racing game.

By the time the game officially released on Tuesday, the new fanbase for the game was strong enough that the game hit more than half a million concurrent viewers on Twitch.

At the same time, Fall Guys noted on its first day that the game had more than 1.5 million new players in just the first 24 hours of the game’s official launch.


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