Asmongold says pay-to-win games are the ‘future’

The future looks bleak, according to Asmongold.

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

Pay-to-win games have become more and more common in today’s gaming industry. Now, Asmongold, one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, has given his two cents on the topic.

In one of his recent streams on April 12, the popular internet persona shared a strong opinion about pay-to-win games, claiming that when it comes to gaming, they are simply the “future.”

“I think pay-to-win games are the future,” Asmongold said. “I think that games, more games will become pay-to-win, and this is just what’s going to happen.” The streamer explained that games that don’t rely on pay-to-win systems, like FromSoftware’s Elden Ring, will still be made, but they “will become fewer and farther between.”

Asmongold followed with an in-depth prediction for the future of the gaming industry. “Here’s what’s gonna happen and this is why I think people aren’t ready for it yet,” he said. “People are going to get looked down on and considered socially inferior for not interfacing with the pay-to-win systems. Social pressures will begin to exist in games.”

Players of all different kinds of games have been complaining about pay-to-win systems ruining their favorite titles for quite some time now. Developers of some games, such as New World, have taken this criticism into account, however, and have even tried to actively avoid the pay-to-win model.