Asmongold outsmarts a group of Horde in WoW Classic

The streamer’s snap decision saved him his life and several hours in a resurrection screen.

Screengrab via YouTube/CatDany

The feud between Horde and Alliance players has spanned 15 years, but Zach “Asmongold” came up with a play that may tip the scales in the Alliance’s favor.

After an Alliance raid turned ugly during Asmongold’s stream today, the streamer needed to think quick on his feet to escape the enormous group of Horde babysitting his corpse.

In the video, the streamer finds himself stuck in resurrection screen after the Alliance raid on Horde went awry. In a moment of quick wit, Asmongold resurrects his Human Warrior on the rooftops of Booty Bay. The streamer then finds solace in a small crevice in between buildings. He immediately used his hearthstone, teleporting himself to a safe zone while enemies searched for him in the streets below.

When a friend asked if he just outsmarted the Horde, Asmongold gave a cheeky reply.

“It’s not hard to outsmart them,” the streamer said, further fueling the rivalry between the Horde and the Alliance.

Asmongold remains the top channel on Twitch, averaging over 85,000 concurrent viewers and garnering several million hours of watch time since WoW Classic’s launch.

Fans eager to watch his Warrior level up can tune in to his Twitch channel, where he streams daily.