Amouranth: Haters ‘huge part’ of success on Twitch, OnlyFans, and in business

Amouranth shouts out the trolls.

Popular Twitch streamer and business mogul Amouranth spoke on the reasons behind her success, mentioning haters who predicted a short career.

Amouranth is among Twitch’s most-watched and most controversial figures, pioneering countless trends while simultaneously facing ridicule and a plethora of suspensions. The streamer’s success however is undeniable, and even her recent investments have continued to make waves. With a massive collaborative event for fellow Twitch streamers on the horizon, Amouranth took a moment to reflect on what has led to her rise.

Listing off her accomplishments, Amouranth said her haters motivated her to build herself into a business and achieve more than previously thought possible.

“A huge part of my success is literally the haters telling me it’s all gonna come crashing down when I get older,” Amouranth said. “It’s driven me to work harder than I could have previously mustered.”

Amouranth said her desire for longevity lead her to hire staff, a key part of her success which helped in preventing burnout.

“People underestimate how much team mates help alleviate burnout,” Amouranth said, “Plus I have salaries to pay and mouths to feed – you don’t disappear for months because people are literally relying on you to pay your bills. They are amazing.”

Soon to leave OnlyFans for good, a revenue source that brought her in approximately $1.1 million per month, Amouranth touted that her investments have surpassed her active earnings.

“All the trolls telling me I’d be broke one day lead to me saving pretty much everything I make and pouring it into investments or reinvesting into my content,” she said.

Amouranth is undergoing a significant pivot in her career. Looking to end her OnlyFans account and drastically change her content on Twitch, few can know what Amouranth’s future in content creation will look like, but she thanks her trolls for getting her this far.

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