Ubisoft once again disables Clash across all R6 platforms

Clash gets sent to warm the bench.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft has disabled Clash in Rainbow Six Siege across all platforms today in what looks to be a preemptive attempt at easing player frustration. 

Clash has been a troublesome operator for Ubisoft to manage. Being the only defensive operator that has access to a shield, Clash presents many issues for attackers and also a fair amount of frustration when she’s bugging out. Operation Phantom Sight saw the defender disabled because of a nasty bug that made her able to fire her primary weapon with her shield up—at least, that’s what attackers saw. 

Today, just over a week into Operation Shifting Tides, Clash has been disabled due to what players are claiming to be the same bug from Operation Phantom Sight. While this is undoubtedly frustrating for players, the upside is that because this has occurred in the past, Ubisoft is much keener on removing troublesome operators from the game as soon as possible. 

Ubisoft was sparse on details in its official post on the matter but promised to keep players up to date. The post simply says that the team discovered “an issue” and is working on a fix.

Players in the comments have pointed out that the bug seems to be that Clash is able to fire her primary weapon without attackers seeing her shield drop. This translates to attackers seeing Clash’s shield extended instead of holding her primary. 

While this doesn’t look particularly good for Ubisoft, it does seem that the developer has learned its lesson when it comes to leaving legitimately broken operators in the game. Operation Shifting Tides has only been live for just over a week and has launched relatively smoothly compared to Operation Phantom Sight.

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