Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise officially revealed

Operation Ember Rise looks nuts.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The long-awaited Operation Ember Rise reveal has finally given fans a look at what’s to come this season for Rainbow Six Siege. The newest season of Rainbow Six will give players access to attacker Amaru, defender Goyo, and a rework of the classic Kanal map. 

The new operators look like a much larger shakeup than the Operation Phantom Sight ops. The Peruvian attacker Amaru has access to the Garra Hook. The gadget allows her to ascend open floor hatches and windows that are not Castle barricaded. 

Goyo, the Mexican CTU defender has access to the Volcán Shield. The specialized shield allows for an incendiary device to be attached to the back of the shield. From here, Goyo, or seemingly any other defender, can pop a shot off at the device to trigger an explosion that floods the area with fire. 

Operators are only half the appeal of Operation Ember Rise. The reworked Kanal map looks like a vast improvement over the original. Like many maps in the original version of the game, Kanal was created before Siege really knew what it wanted to be in the long run.

The map was plagued by spawn peeking issues and just overall discomfort on Bomb sites. These issues have allegedly been addressed but as a developer noted, the beauty of the Siege community is that it will always find a way to make something happen, for better or worse. 

The newest season of Rainbow Six Siege looks to be an interesting one. With a new way to move around the map and an added layer of utility to deployable shields, players are going to have to adjust accordingly if they want to keep their ranks.