R6 Share skins launch tomorrow in Rainbow Six Siege

Finally, you can use the TSM Zofia skin to lean like Beaulo.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/rainbow6

Rainbow Six Siege’s highly anticipated “R6 Share” skins will hit the live servers on Sept. 22, according to a post from the Rainbow Six Esports Twitter account today. 

The promotional video included with the announcement made its debut on the main Rainbow 6 Twitch channel today before Rogue and Team Empire kicked off stage two of the EU league. 

Purchasing the skins gives 30 percent of the sales directly to professional Rainbow Six teams. 

While there are certainly going to be skins that sell better, all teams will get a cut of the revenue, regardless of the sales figures of their individual skins. Otherwise, teams like G2 and TSM would make far more than others due to the popularity of the operators their skins were given to and the history behind the choices.

In addition, “Esports Set” skins are now available and represent the four major regions in Rainbow Six. North America has a red and blue skin for Smoke, Europe has a skin for French operator Twitch, LATAM’s skin is on Brazilian operator Caviera, and the APAC region was given shield operator Blitz. Sales of the “Six Major EU” skin for Kaid are ongoing as well. 

Only the “Tier One” organizations will receive a full operator kit in-game in addition to a weapon skin. The “Tier Two” programs will receive a weapon skin and charm, while “Tier Three” will only receive a weapon skin.

Screengrab via Ubisoft
Screengrab via Ubisoft

Overall, the R6 Share program is a great way to ensure that teams are rewarded for participating in Rainbow Six esports.