R6 Kafe rework, Y4S2 operator gameplay leaked ahead of Milan reveal

Leaks can only reveal so much.

Image via Ubisoft

Several leaks surfaced on Twitter yesterday that showed a walkthrough of the new Kafe map rework for Rainbow Six Siege. The leaks also provide glimpses of both Y4S2 operators in action.

The biggest leak here is the Kafe map rework. Fans already know the loadouts and abilities of the Y4S2 operators and Kafe looked to be the last huge reveal Ubisoft had planned for Milan. The map looks completely different in some areas, while also maintaining certain objective rooms—aside from texture changes.

The Kitchen and Bakery look completely different, trading close-quarters for breathing room and open lines of sight. Train Museum is pretty much identical to what it looked like before the rework, though. The similarity of some sites could be an indicator that the footage is a look at the earlier stages of the rework, but the reworked Clubhouse map retained many of its old traits.


In the video, it looks like the devs have taken some inspiration from the Outback map that was released in March with Operation Burnt Horizon. Kitchen looks similar in structure to some of Outback’s rooms, while the main entrance is also reminiscent of its Australian counterpart. Even though the map retains some key elements, it seems like a much more viable map—depending on the merit of the leaks.


The leaker also shows off Nøkk and Warden triggering their abilities. While there’s no real action to see the operators in combat, the leak does show what it’ll look like when each ability is activated. Nøkk appears to have a yellow distortion effect when her ability is active and her stance is similar to Cav’s when using Silent Step.


When Warden triggers his ability, the screen takes on a blue tint and has a post-rework Glaz movement meter on both sides. The meter looks to either help the player gauge when their ability will deactivate due to their movement or firing their weapon. The ability duration for both operators seems to be on the shorter side, but again, these leaks could be from present or past builds of the game.

Some fans are disappointed that all of the wind has been taken out of Ubisoft’s reveal. But there’s plenty more for the devs to talk about during the official reveal at the Milan Finals on Sunday, May 19.

While the leaks are entertaining, they don’t really provide anything of substance when it comes to how these operators will interact in game. Fans can look forward to their first in-depth look at operator gameplay this weekend.

H/T C14ing