All REACT gadgets in Rainbow Six Extraction, explained

Watching Inspector Gadget may start paying off now.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

A Rainbow Six Siege match can resemble chess. Every player on the field is a moving piece, and they all bring value to the table through their gadgets or weapons. Regardless of the game mode, if you’re looking to increase your chances of winning a match, you’ll need to coordinate your team and use your resources like gadgets wisely.

Rainbow Six Extraction is set to release today, and it’ll be introducing a total of 25 REACT gadgets. Though there isn’t much time left until the release, the full list of gadgets still hasn’t been released. Players were given a sneak peek into some of the REACT gadgets, however, through the announcement website and the official trailer

Testing these gadgets yourself in Siege will be the ultimate way to get used to them and find out the best conditions to use them, but doing prior research can give you the edge over other players during the first couple of weeks since most players will blindly dive into action.

Here are all the REACT gadgets that we know so far in Siege Extraction.

Recon DroneManually scan Objectives, Archæans, and Supply Cases to gather intelligence. The drone will allow players to perform this from a remote location all thanks to the camera attached to it. The drone recharges every 30 seconds and it can be resupplied at REACT Tech Supply cases.
Body ArmorWhen wearing Body Armor always fall to Down But Not Out (DBNO). Body Armor also reduces incoming damage by 20 percent.
To replenish or reapply the Body Armor, players can use REACT Tech Supply Cases.
Revive KitThe Revive Kit allows players to revive themselves for one time when they’re knocked down to DBNO state.
Each time you get knocked out to the DBNO state, you’ll have less time to work with.
Additional Revive Kits can be supplied from REACT Tech Supply cases
AMMO SatchelStart the round with 50 percent more ammunition. The ammo boost only applies to primary and secondary weapons
Stun GrenadeStun Archæans within a certain area. This throwable stun grenade detonates in 2.5 seconds after impact. 
Players can carry three stun grenades at a time.
Glue GrenadeSlow the Archæans by reducing their movement speed. The loss of agility will make your targets more prone to flanks since they’ll have harder time reacting.
Arc MineArc Mine allows players to eliminate incoming threats around corners.
Field WallDeploy an on impact barrier that blocks parasite projectiles.
React LightSpot Archæans by activating their bioluminescence. React Light can be used to detect them through walls.
Scan MineThis gadget allows players to scan for nearby threats which can come in handy while defending and attacking.
Paralyzing GrenadeThe tooltips for this gadget haven’t been released yet.
LaserThe tooltips for this gadget haven’t been released yet.
MinesThe tooltips for this gadget haven’t been released yet.

There are still 12 gadgets left and considering the imminent release date of Siege Extraction, players are likely to find out about the rest of them soon. The remaining REACT gadgets can come in the form of teasers or can be seen in additional trailers like the paralyzing grenade, laser, and mines. Though all gadgets look powerful, it’ll be up to the players to decide which ones make the cut to become the most popular picks. Some gadgets will shine more than others depending on the metagame, but there’s always an experimental period when players try out countless combinations.

This article will be updated as Ubisoft releases more details regarding the REACT gadgets.