How to watch the PUBG Continental Series 1

Two weeks of continental conflict.

Image via PUBG

The PUBG Continental Series is about to begin the first of two scheduled main events on June 25. The PCS 1 is launching with its first two regions. 

The event will span all four major PUBG regions and run for a total of eight days spread over the next two weeks. Each region has its own dedicated block of time that will repeat in the same order over the entire length of the tournament. 

Starting on June 25 with the first day of competition in Asia Pacific and North America, teams will continue to battle it out until every region has their PCS 1 champion locked in by July 5 when Asia and Europe wrap up. Each region will have a base prize pool of $200,000, but that total will rise because of the Pick’Em Challenge and limited-time in-game item sales. 

Here are some details about when and where you can tune into each of the regions, with a full schedule also included for the entire PCS 1. 

Each regional bracket will have its own independent stream, with the English broadcasts all being hosted on the official PUBG Esports Twitch and YouTube channels.

Image via PUBG
  • APAC
    • June 25 and 27, July 2 and 4 
    • Matches start at 5am CT each day
  • NA 
    • June 25 to 26, July 2 to 3
    • Matches start at 6pm CT each day
  • Asia
    • June 26 and 28, July 3 and 5
    • Matches start at TBD CT each day
  • EU
    • June 27 to 28, July 4 to 5
    • Matches start at 11am CT each day

More details about the PCS 2 schedule will be released after PCS 1 has concluded. The Pick’Em Challenge reward period will run from July 6 to 22, so make sure you grab your rewards before they disappear.