Shiny Grookey, Sobble, Scorbunny, and their Shiny evolutions have been leaked

Pokemon Sword and Shield continues to lose ground.

Image via Pokemon Company

The starter Pokemon for Sword and Shield have reportedly had their shiny forms leaked ahead of the game’s official release.

Grookey’s shiny form is a lot lighter in color and seems to resemble an Autumn leaf. Scorbunny’s is also more orange than red and seems to be developing light grey fur. Sobble’s though is by far the best Shiny, taking a more purple color that shiny Water Pokémon are known for.

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Warning, we are about to dive into the unrevealed evolutions for the starter Pokémon now, so anyone who wants to avoid the game’s leaks should close the article as soon as possible.

Like their starter forms, the three fully evolved starters keep a lot of the base color without too much change. They all have distinct colorings from their original colors and if we had to decide, we would say Intelleon or Rilaboom look like the best shiny choices.

Still, there is always the possibility of this being a hoax and we won’t know if they are real until the game’s release on Nov. 15 for Nintendo Switch.