Pokémon TCG reportedly receiving special set in June 2022

Perhaps we'll see even more character rares hit the west.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon TCG is set to get a ton of new content in 2022 starting in February with the anticipated Brilliant Stars set that will bring VSTAR cards into the game.

Looking further into the year, June will bring with it another Pokémon TCG special set, according to a report by PokeBeach. This set currently doesn’t have a name other than its set number, which is Sword & Shield 10.5. According to the report, the set will include the standard Elite Trainer Boxes, Mini Tins, V Collection Boxes, Premium Collection Boxes. No booster boxes were noted, indicating it will likely be a special set.

PokeBeach notes the new set will introduce a new product type called “Team-Up Collections.” While specifics haven’t been revealed, it could be related to the reappearance of Character Rare and Character Super Rare cards that can be found in the latest Pokémon OCG high-class set VMAX Climax.

We know that some of the cards from this recent OCG set will be joining Brilliant Stars, but it could be that the remainder will join this special set for June. For OCG players, February will be when their special set is released. This set, Battle Legion will include even more character rares so these could be the ones hitting the West in June.

While specifics might be hidden at this stage, if this report proves to be correct then Pokémon TCG players and collectors have a lot to look forward to at the midpoint of 2022.