New Pokémon OCG set ‘Battle Legion’ introduces ‘Sparkling Pokemon’

Battle Legion will launch in Japan on Feb. 25.

Image via The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company has officially revealed the next OCG set to launch in Japan next month, Battle Legion.

Battle Legion will not only include a ton of new cards but also a brand new type of card called “Sparkling Pokémon.”

Image via The Pokemon Company

Sparkling Pokémon are the latest mechanic to join the Pokémon OCG and are limited to a single card per deck. Visually, Sparkling Pokémon are like shiny Pokémon. They boast a different coloring than their regular forms.

For gameplay, Sparkling Pokémon boast powerful moves and abilities, which is why they’re limited to a single card per deck. The two that were showcased by The Pokémon Company today are Greninja and Hawlucha.

With Greninja, you can discard energy cards from your hand to draw two cards from your deck during your turn. Also, by trashing two energy cards, Greninja can deal 90 damage to two Pokémon regardless of the battlefield or bench. Hawlucha also has unique yet powerful abilities.

The new cards that were shown in today’s announcement include Starmie V, Garchomp V, Chandelure, Lampert, and Litwick.

Battle Legion will hit stores in Japan on Feb. 25. The cards from this set will make their way to the West in the next set following Brilliant Stars. This has yet to be named, however.