Pokémon fan designs Hisuian forms for starters’ middle evolutions

The designs tie into the leaked Hisuian final evolutions of each character.

Image via The Pokemon Company

One artistic Pokémon fan has taken it upon themselves to design Hisuian forms for each of the starter Pokémon’s middle forms.

Thanks to the myriad Pokémon Legends: Arceus leaks from the past week, we already know what the special Hisuian final evolutions of each of the game’s starters will look like. Artist CompoteLoose believed these final forms and the starters’ initial designs are too far apart, so they designed these middle evolutions to bridge the gap between the two. To prevent unintended spoilers, they’ve put their art behind a link.

While we haven’t seen official 2D art of the Hisuian forms yet, we know what their in-game 3D counterparts will look like, which is enough to go off of for fan art. All three of CompoteLoose’s designs incorporate the unique features from their leaked Hisuian forms and the original design of each middle evolution.

Many agreed with CompoteLoose that the jump from the normal middle evolutions of each starter to their new Hisuian forms was too dramatic and appreciated the time and thought they put into this new art. Middle evolutions are also traditionally overlooked; they’re a temporary state of being between starters’ cute, popular first forms and their powerful final forms, so they don’t often get the appreciation they deserve. Besides making some great new Hisuian fan designs, CompoteLoose has drawn fans’ attention to a group of Pokémon that doesn’t get a lot of attention. Bravo!