Best cards to pull from Pokémon TCG Celebrations

Make some money off your pulls.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Pokémon TCG Celebrations is here, along with a variety of new cards and remade classic cards that are sure to complete any collection.

The set launched in stores earlier today on Oct. 8. Since then, cards have started to appear on resale sites for some decent sums of money. While most of the cards have high value given their recent release, some are excelling above others on the aftermarket.

If you’re collecting or looking to purchase cards with the hopes of flipping them for a profit then here are the cards within Celebrations that are going to be your biggest earners.

Best money cards from Pokémon TCG Celebrations

There are plenty of high-value cards to be found in Celebrations, but the most expensive are the close remakes.

The 25th Anniversary remake of Base Set Charizard is the most valuable in the set right now, reselling for around $300 USD at the time of writing.

Umbreon Star, another close remake, is garnering price tags of around $250. The two other first-generation Base Set remakes for Blastoise and Venusaur are fetching around $100. Shining Magikarp is the final remake that is valued above $80.

Of the new cards, Flying Pikachu VMax, Professor’s Research, Pikachu, and Flying Pikachu V are the cards you’re going to want to chase. But their price is significantly lower than the close reprints.

If you can collect a set of all the different Pikachu cards included in this set then you’ll be sure to fetch quite a hefty price. But no full sets have been posted for sale yet to gauge exactly how much.