X-Quest F continue to dominate on day 2 of the PMCO Global Finals

The PMCO Global Finals was full of surprises today.

The second day of the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Spring Split Global Championship has concluded and X-Quest F from China are still at the top of the points table. 

X-Quest F, the Chinese second seed who made it through the prelims last week to qualify for the global finals, have 212 points in 10 games. 

Day two was full of surprises, though. Several top teams dipped in the rankings while some bottom-ranked teams improved their strategies after day one to prove that they’re real contenders for the ultimate title. 

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RRQ Athena, one of the favorites to win the championship, fell two spots from day one to fifth place. The Thai squad were unlucky in the final three games of the day, only accumulating 10 points. They’ll have to go back to the hotel and work on how they can bounce back in the final day of the championship tomorrow. 

Elite Esports from China got a chicken dinner in the second-to-last game of the day to climb up the ranks and position themselves behind X-Quest F in second place. They were in fourth place at the end of day one.

The biggest surprise of the day came from the sole Indian squad, Team Soul. After some devastating games on day one, the team bounced back today with a second-place finish in the sixth game on Erangel. The fan-favorite squad even managed to get first place in the last game of the day, again on Erangel. 

Image via Tencent Games

They climbed seven places to sit in seventh and are now tied in points with GC Busan. Team Soul have only been able to perform on Erangel throughout the tournament, racking up 98 points of their 144 points from that map alone. With three of the remaining six games of day three on Erangel, they’re poised to get a high placing in the tournament tomorrow.  

The complete rankings at the end of day two are as follows:

  1. X-Quest F (212 pts)
  2. Elite Esports (193 pts)
  3. Top Esports (184 pts)
  4. Nova Esports (183 pts)
  5. RRQ Athena (151 pts)
  6. GC Busan (144 pts)
  7. Team Soul (144 pts)
  8. Team Unique (136 pts)
  9. Purple Mood Esports (123 pts)
  10. Bigetron (119 pts)
  11. Team Queso (119 pts)
  12. Spacestation Gaming (110 pts)
  13. All Rejection Gaming (107 pts)
  14. SNT (101 pts)
  15. Scarz Black (69 pts)
  16. Brazilian Killers (61 pts)

Six games will be played tomorrow during day three. The teams are still very close in points and it may come down to the last game to decide the spring split PMCO champion.