When will Call of Duty: Mobile season 11 begin?

A big update will also drop into the game with the new season.

Image via Activision

The 11th season of Call of Duty: Mobile is right around the corner. It will introduce a major update to the game to mark its first anniversary.

Although CoD: Mobile turned a year old on Oct. 1, the content update to mark this momentous occasion will drop with season 11. The contents of season 11 have been kept a secret, and Activision announced a test server won’t drop.

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When will season 11 begin?

According to the in-game battle pass countdown, season 10 of the game will end on Oct. 13 at 7pm CT. New seasons in the game usually begin 24 hours after the previous one ends. Thus, season 11 of the game should kick off on Oct. 14 at 7pm CT.

Between this, the content update for season 11 should arrive as well.

As usual, season 11 of the game will bring a new battle pass containing several new skins, soldiers, emotes, and more. Other than this, the ensuing season will also bring the seventh-ranked series to the game. Players’ ranks will be reset with new ranked rewards arriving as well.

So far, Activision has only teased the return of the Standoff Halloween map in the next season. The Standoff Halloween is the only map in the game which is played at night. The map is scattered with pumpkins.

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Other than this. Activision had also previously opened a community vote for players’ favorite maps and modes. These will drop into the game in the next season. Separate voting for an epic weapon blueprint is also going on. The weapon skin with the most votes will arrive in the credit store at 50 percent off in season 11.