Halloween-themed Standoff map could be returning to Call of Duty: Mobile

Take down enemies in the darkness.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile dropped one of the first teasers of a feature coming to the game in the next season today. The next season, which will kick off in mid-October, will introduce a “major update” to mark the game’s first anniversary. Call of Duty: Mobile turned a year old on Oct. 1.

The teaser has a blurry image showing a place scattered with pumpkins. The fountain in the middle and tank indicates that it is likely the Standoff map. The dark image of Standoff scattered with pumpkins most probably means that the Halloween-themed Standoff map could be coming back to the game.

The Halloween-themed Standoff map was first introduced last year. It is the only map that can be played in the darkness of the night. The teaser says that it will now be returning in the upcoming season 11.

Screengrab via Activision

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Activision has been keeping the features present in the next CoD: Mobile update a secret. The company is also not releasing a test build to keep things a surprise for all players.

So far, the only things confirmed in the next update is the return of favorite maps and modes to the game. Recently, Activision opened a community vote to decide which maps and modes players love the most. The ones with the most votes will be introduced back to the game in the next season.

Besides this, a community vote for an epic weapon blueprint is also going on. Players can vote for their favorite weapon skins. The one with the most votes will be added to the credit score in the next season at 50 percent off the normal price.