Everything we know about Call of Duty: Mobile season 11

Activision is working on keeping most of the content a secret.

Image via Activision

Season 11 of Call of Duty: Mobile is just around the corner. It will hit the live servers in mid-October, but an official release date hasn’t been revealed yet. The content that it’ll bring is also still a secret.

Activision even deactivated the beta servers before the release of the test version of season 11 because the company wants to keep the upcoming content a mystery. But some information is available.

CoD Mobile celebrated its first-year anniversary recently. The game, which was released on Oct.1, 2019, has made $500 million for Activision over the last year.

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In this context, the developer seems committed to adding more exciting content for fans. It even hinted at a new mobile game, a version of the free-to-play battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone, when a since-deleted job post was listed online.

CoD: Mobile fans can basically expect anything in the next season. A spooky event may be added to suit the theme of Halloween and the fall, which was teased in a blurry image a few days ago.

The Call of Duty: Mobile anniversary event will also kick off around the release of the upcoming season. The content has yet to be announced, but a first look revealing some hints about its theme was seen in a short video on Reddit.

While little is known about the next season at this moment, Activision said it’ll reveal more this weekend, around Oct. 10.

“Starting this weekend, we’ll start having a few social media posts trickle in about our anniversary season,” Activision said in a recent Reddit community update. “By next week we’ll start going full swing.”

No season can kick off without some leaks, though. The upcoming season will introduce the Alcatraz map, a night mode, tracer bullets, and a new scorestreak, according to those leaks.

Even if the official release date wasn’t revealed yet, many fans expect the update to hit the live servers after the end of the Technogeek event, which is set for Oct. 14. Season 11 of CoD Mobile could kick off the day after, on Oct. 15.