Tyler1 pulls off impressive backdoor to win 58-minute League of Legends game

“When the pressure's on... I perform.”

Screengrab via Tyler1

No stranger to game-winning plays, one of Twitch’s most popular streamers Tyler1, put on an impressive play to secure victory during his most recent League of Legends stream.

As the game neared the 60-minute mark, some trash talking in the chat convinced Tyler1 to backdoor the enemy nexus as Wukong.

At this stage, the map looked to be mirrored for both sides. Each team had one inhibitor and both had waves of minions heading toward the opposing side’s base. For the enemy team, however, this was in the lane that had begun to spawn super minions.

This scenario left him in the top lane against the opposing Kayle while the rest of his team were forced to retreat to the base to defend the four enemy champions looking to end this extended game.

As Kayle began to attack Wukong to discourage him from taking out the top tower, Tyler made a bold play by skipping the tower completely in favor of the open Nexus that was sitting on 60 percent health.

With the use of Wukong’s abilities, Tyler was able to kite around the nexus and win the game before Kayle was able to kill him.

Tyler1, as he is known to do, loudly celebrated his victory by rising from his seat and screaming “T1 saves the fucking game baby!” He continued saying to the camera, “When the pressure’s on… I perform.”