The Rowdy Shroudys take a beating at the Six Major Creator’s Cup

Yo_Boy_Roy and company take down Shroud.

Image via steamXO

The 2019 Six Major Raleigh Creator’s Cup boasted a lot of sweaty gameplay that ultimately led to the demise of The Rowdy Shroudys. The squad, headlined by Shroud himself, took a pretty huge L to Yo_Boy_Roy’s Fake Diamonds at 6-3. 

The Creator’s Cup is normally a way to lighten the mood and have some fun at Siege events, but things ended up a bit sweaty this time around. Despite pulling out all the stops, Godly’s Golds ended up going down to The Rowdy Shroudys. 

It was hard to spot a smile among the creators as they battled it out in a pretty intense couple of matches. For a while, it looked like the only person having a good time on the main stage was The Russian Badger, who was parading around in a scale version of Tachanka’s helmet. 

Even with all the sweat, it was entertaining to watch Shroud go up against some of the more seasoned Rainbow Six Siege creators like Priest and Get_Flanked. Shroud is relatively new to the Siege scene, so it makes sense that he might not hold up as well against some creators who have been at it for years. 

Another standout performance came from cosplayer Chai. While she is best known for her amazing Hibana and Caveira cosplays, Chai really tore it up as Bandit on defense and aided heavily in any success The Rowdy Shroudys found in their matchups. But even with Chai’s efforts, Shroud’s squad was finally edged out by Fake Diamonds. 

With the light-hearted matchup out of the way, fans can look forward to watching Team Empire take on G2 Esports in the grand final of the Six Major Raleigh. Fans can catch the official broadcast here.