The 5 best tablets for PUBG Mobile

Bigger screens and more powerful internals will make you forget about your phone.

Over the past decade, gamers have witnessed the massive growth of the mobile gaming industry. What was once made of Candy Crush enthusiasts evolved into a reputable, competitive gaming platform with titles you’d only imagine seeing on PC. Almost all the recent hit games like Fortnite, PUBG, and even League of Legends entered the mobile market, and the demand for more powerful hardware skyrocketed.

Though each mobile game takes pride in being compatible with countless Android devices and as many Apple devices as possible, they’ll just run better on more recent and powerful hardware. Tablets and mobile gaming phones are just starting to adapt to the gaming world, and brands like Asus are experimenting with new cooling solutions. While it’s easy to see that phones are one step ahead of tablets when it comes to external gaming solutions, looking at a relatively tiny screen can get exhausting for your eyes in time. The bigger screen real estate of tablets makes them a solid alternative and even gives them a competitive advantage.

Like the phone market, tablet options seem limitless, and there’s a tablet right for every usage type. Lower end tablets will be sufficient for casual gaming and content watching, but you’ll need the best if you’re finally looking to push the Conqueror rank in PUBG Mobile this season.

Take note of PUBGM’s minimum system requirements while finding the best tablet for your needs, and remember that investing in an overkill tablet in terms of specs will allow you to turn on the Extreme frame rate setting, which pushes the game to run in 60 frames per second.

Here are the best tablets you can buy today to take your PUBGM to the next level.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Whenever a new processor hits the market, manufacturers tend to update their existing products to offer better options to those just starting to search for a new tablet.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series has been Apple’s only notable rival in the tablet industry with its PC-like specs. You can choose between the six or 8GB RAM versions of the tablet, and each house the latest Snapdragon 865+ processor. Combined with an 8000 mAh battery, the internals are free to perform up to their full potential away from charging ports for prolonged gaming sessions.

The 1600×2560 screen resolution is perfect for consuming content and playing games. Though the screen is an IPS LCD, it still delivers accurate colors and doesn’t leave you wanting for more. The tablet also supports Samsung’s S pen, meaning it’s also an excellent alternative for artists or anyone who like the Stylus.

Galaxy Tab S7 makes up for its screen type with its HDR10+ compatibility and 120Hz refresh rate support. Though there aren’t many mobile games out there that can go up to 120 frames-per-second (FPS), it makes the tablet feel more fluid and is a great way to future-proof yourself.

The base model comes with 128GB storage, and you can boost with microSD cards. There isn’t a 3.5mm jack on the tablet, which can be a deal-breaker for gamers, but you can quickly solve it with a dongle or opting-in for a wireless earbud.

This tablet can also double as a desktop alternative, thanks to Samsung’s DeX technology, making it easier to pull off productivity tasks on the go.

Players looking for the best possible display on a tablet can consider the S7+ variant, which features even more battery and a Super AMOLED display.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Before Apple, the tablets were losing their popularity by the day. The combination of its simple user interface and the longevity of each product boosted both the tablets into what they are today and Apple to become one of the market pioneers.

The iPad Pro line has always been catered toward artists and anyone that’s looking for a more portable solution for their light-to-mid weight productivity tasks. Its top-notch specs also make it suitable for heavy gaming, however, and the performance is off the charts, thanks to Apple’s compatibility. Apple only produces a handful of devices every year, which may seem counteractive, but it helps game developers to optimize their games better.

The iPad Pro 12.9 comes with Apple’s A12Z Bionic processor and 6GB of RAM. A 9720 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery is plenty enough for all kinds of gaming and office work. The IPS LCD screen’s resolution of 2048×2732 ensures a pleasant viewing experience. Considering it’s hard to find AMOLED screens on tablets, for now, the other features of the display helps it challenge Samsung’s AMOLED offering.

The iPad Pro’s display features a wide color gamut and uses Apple’s True-tone and 120Hz promotion refresh rate. True-tone adjusts the tint of the screen based on the light in your current environment, while the high refresh rate increases the tablet’s overall responsiveness. You can make up for the lack of a 3.5mm jack by potentially securing a students’ deal with Apple since the manufacturer gives away Airpods with specific models as a promotion.

If the 12.9 version of the tablet ends up being too big for your needs, consider the 11-inch version of the 2020 iPad Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

When a new tablet hits the market, the old iteration doesn’t immediately go obsolete. In fact, if you’re on a budget, it may be the perfect time to buy the last generation’s model when the new one comes out to save some bucks.

The Tab S6 is filled with the best that 2019 has to offer. Rocking a Snapdragon 855 processor, S6 is still plenty enough for hardcore gamers. You’ll be able to choose from two RAM options: six and eight. The 9720 mAh battery could look like it’s one step behind the tablet’s newest competition, but it should get you through hours long, intense gaming sessions.

The S6 comes with a 10.5 inch Super AMOLED screen, one of its most significant selling points, and features a resolution of 1600×2560 pixels. The tab’s Stylus support also makes it a great fit for other usage types like drawing and note-taking. There isn’t a 3.5mm jack, however, which may need you to invest in a dongle or wireless earbuds.

The battery can be small versus the others on our list, but the 15W of fast charging is there to get you going in no time. This tablet also supports Samsung DeX, doubling the tablet as a desktop solution when you’re on the go. 

Apple iPad mini (2019)

Tablets have become like mini laptops both in terms of their internals and sizes. If any of the above tablets are just too big for your hands, there are also smaller sized tablets in the market which pack a smaller bunch but still should be enough for gaming.

The 7.9 inch iPad mini comes with Apple’s A12 Bionic processor, which is still powerful enough to run the latest games. You’ll have 3GB of RAM to work with. Though it shouldn’t give you trouble while gaming exclusively, it may leave you wanting for more as mobile gaming keeps advancing through this decade.

A 5124 mAh battery powers the tablet’s IPS LCD 1536×2048 screen, and considering the tablet’s size, the battery life justifies the decision behind the battery capacity.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4/S5e

The market is filled with budget tablets. Amazon, Huawei, Xiaomi all push countless tablets with mediocre specs that are mostly decent enough for content consumption. Though it’s nice to buy the latest generation of phones due to OS updates and continuous support, it will always be a good idea to consider the hardware you’re getting with a tablet.

The Samsung S4 and S5e are older than a year now, and more powerful hardware has hit the market. The new model’s arrival decreased these two prices drastically, however, and there are now solid budget options—the S4 houses a Snapdragon 835 processor, which is still a strong contender for its age. You can choose between the four and 6GB ram versions of the tablet, six being the more future-proof one. The 7300 mAh battery powers the 10.5 Super AMOLED, 1600×2560 display. 

The S5e comes with a Snapdragon 670 and two RAM options. Both the four and 6GB RAM variant versions of the tablet are powered by a 7040 mAh battery. The super AMOLED 10.5 inch display has a resolution of 1600×2560.

Besides featuring more powerful hardware, S4’s, now unique, 3.5mm jack offering makes it a slightly better choice than the S5e for anyone that’s looking to pair their tablet with a gaming headset.

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