Here are all the teams that qualified for the PUBG Mobile Club Open regional finals

After weeks of intense competition, every region has been narrowed down to its 16 best teams.

Image via PUBG

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After six days of intense competition, the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 semifinals are finally over for six regions: North America, South America, Europe, India, Wildcard, and the Middle East.

The 16 top teams in the semifinals from each of the six regions have qualified for the regional finals. The regional finals will be an offline event with direct qualification into the spring split global final. The venue and prize pool of the regional finals and global final still haven’t been announced.

Here are all of the teams that will be playing in the regional finals of their respective regions.

North America

Spacestation Gaming topped the North America semifinal table with 369 points, 21 points ahead of the runners-up, Wildcard Gaming. Nova Esports NA fell down to third place in the semifinals.

Lights Out (Powebang Gaming’s team) qualified for the NA regional finals as well with a 12th-place finish. The squad was in fifth during the group stage. They’ll have to go back to the drawing board to see where they went wrong and how they can improve before the regional finals.  

Here are the 16 teams that will be playing in the North America regional finals.

1) Spacestation Gaming

2) Wildcard Gaming

3) Nove Esports NA

4) Pittsburgh Knights

5) Misfits Gaming

6) HQA

7) Are You Scared

8) Revenants

9) The Unnamed


11) Cream Esports

12) Lights Out

13) VN1

14) Granja Del Gaming

15) Blinded By Win

16) Method


Russian team Deformia Meditari 99 absolutely dominated the competition. They finished the semifinals with 429 points, 113 points ahead of the runners-up, Avangar.

Deformia Meditrari also had the most kills, damage, and headshots. They’ll look to carry this performance into the regional finals.

Here are the 16 teams that will be playing in the European regional finals.

1) Deformia Meditari 99

2) Avangar


4) Ultra Team

5) Team Unique

6) M19 Team


8) Rest

9) Welcome to the lobby

10) Epic Gang

11) From Helll

12) B13 Golden Boyz

13) Ase

14) Magic

15) Obstruction

16) Be My Loot


The Brawlers topped the table in India. They were in 12th place during the group stage. But they really brushed up their skills before the semifinals and cruised to an impressive first-place finish.

Team Insidious finished in second place. Soul Mortal’s Team Soul also made it to the regional finals with a fourth-place finish. God’s Reign, the PUBG Mobile India Series runners-up, failed to qualify for the finals, however, due to some disappointing performances that brought them down to 19th place.

Here are the 16 teams that will be playing in the Indian regional finals.

1) The Brawlers

2) Team Insidious

3) Hydra

4) Team Soul

5) ORB

6) Coming Soon

7) Megastars

8) ISO

9) Indian Tigers

10) Team IND

11) Learn from Past

12) Pain Retribution

13) 8BIT

14) Evil Big Fellas

15) RIP Official

16) Daku Official

Middle East

Over in the Middle East, we saw some neck-and-neck competition. Swat69 emerged as the toppers of the semifinals table with 371 points, just five points ahead of The Real Deal, who came in second place.

Here are the 16 teams who have qualified for the Middle East regional finals.

1) Swat 69

2) The Real Deal

3) SNT

4) Arab Madness

5) Me Assassains

6) Kurd Squad

7) 46 Loot

8) RBK313

9) MBZ Falcons

10) 7 Reef Team

11) Executer

12) NOX

13) IQM


15) United Nation

16) 963

South America

South America had the lowest difference in points between the teams. The competition was really stiff and Disaster managed to top the semifinal table with 315 points. Team One Esports, who finished in second place, were just two points behind at 313.  

The complete list of teams that will be playing in the South America regional finals is as follows:

1) Disaster

2) Team One Esports

3) Warmaster

4) ACE 1

5) Legends of War

6) Hard Drop

7) 9K E-sports

8) BRC

9) Batmen

10) INTZ Esports Club

11) Brazilian Killers

12) Team AY

13) Red Kalunga

14) Noobs Cartel

15) Dog Bomb

16) Nativo Imperial

Wildcard region

In the Wildcard region, which had large participation from squads in Africa, Nova Esports were the winners of the semifinals. They got 489 points, the most by any team in any region of the PMCO, and they were 124 points ahead of the runners-up, SRY.

The 16 teams that qualified for the regional finals for the Wildcard region are:

1) Nova Esports

2) SRY



5) Camp2Win

6) Nomad Warriors



9) Team Onyx

10) Trust D Process

11) Rose

12) Hype

13) Elementrix

14) The Destroyer

15) HS Headshot

16) No Mercy

Results for South East Asia and China weren’t available on the PMCO website.