Tencent banned 1.2 million hackers in PUBG Mobile last week

Most of the hackers were banned for using auto-aim.

Image via Tencent

Hackers continue to be a big problem in PUBG Mobile. Tencent has cracked down on them through its ban pan program, though. In a report yesterday, the company revealed that it “permanently suspended” 1,217,342 accounts from Jan. 8 to 14 for using hacks and cheats.

About 48 percent of these hackers were banned for using auto-aim hacks or changing their character models. Twenty-two percent of the hackers were banned for using X-ray vision, 12 percent for speed hacks, and seven percent for modifying the area damage.

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The report also revealed the ranks the hackers were in when they were banned. This distribution is as follows:

  • Bronze: 38 percent
  • Silver: 11 percent
  • Gold: Nine percent
  • Platinum: 11 percent
  • Diamond: 12 percent
  • Crown: 10 percent
  • Ace: Six percent
  • Conqueror: Three percent

Last week, Tencent also released PUBG Mobile’s patch 1.2 which featured a new mode, weapon, and much more. The new mode is called Runic Power, which gives players certain abilities to use for getting the chicken dinner.

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PUBG Mobile’s 17th season is also around the corner. It is called Runic Power and will kick-off on Jan. 19. As usual, a new Royale Pass will also be coming with the season which will have new skins, emotes, and more.