Pokémon TCG set symbols explained

Set symbols appear in the bottom left of a card.

Image via The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has a bunch of different expansion sets for players to choose from when creating their deck for casual or competitive play. But some cards are repeated in certain sets.

For instance, a card that allows you to draw three cards from your deck might have a different name or look depending on what set you get it from. So how do you know which cards are available in the current rotation?

For that, you might need to learn about set symbols, which appear in the bottom left of the card below the “weakness” trait on a Pokémon. These symbols tell a player what set they come from. For example, some of the set symbols available in the 2020 TCG rotation include the following:

Image via The Pokémon Company

Players might also try to organize their cards by set, or try to collect every card from a specific set. Thus, knowing what each symbol is can help you with your future trading endeavors.

As the TCG game nears 100 expansions, it might be best to look through your collection and see where some of your older cards originate from. For a more detailed look at every set available, you can check them all out here.