Netflix releases first clip from League of Legends animated series, Arcane

While an exact release date hasn’t been announced, the show is coming this fall.

Image via Netflix, Riot Games

More details and an extended first look at League of Legends’ first animated show, Arcane, were shown off today during Netflix’s Geeked Week showcase. The show will primarily take place in the past, showcasing the origins of Jinx and Vi. But some of the story will be a part of the present as well.

During the Netflix Geeked Week presentation, a two-minute clip was released. The footage sets the mood for the sibling rivalry between Jinx and Vi, showing Jinx trying to break Vi’s record in an arcade-style boxing competition. This clip also shows Jinx before she obtains pink eyes, which probably ties into her overall maniacal side.

In addition, Riot posted a dev diary video where it provided more details regarding the show and shed some light on Jinx and Vi’s past. One important plot point that’s finally been confirmed after all these years is that Jinx and Vi are in fact sisters.

While most of the community has theorized about this in the past, the fact that it’s confirmed going into the show will allow the longstanding question to be put to rest so others can be formed.

While an exact release date wasn’t revealed for those eager to watch, Arcane will be released on Netflix this fall.

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