Magic streamer Noxious praises monetization in Legends of Runeterra

Top Magic and digital card game streamers are checking out LoR.

Legends of Runeterra Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

The top Magic: The Gathering streamer, Kacem “NoxiousLive” Khilaji, is sold on Legends of Runeterra and he isn’t shy about sharing it with the world.

While testing out Riot’s new digital card game LoR during his most recent stream, NoxiousLive praised the monetization system and the title’s performance. 

Not everything is perfect in LoR, however. Noxious was critical of the mana cost for certain champion cards and combo spells.

Noxious’ constructive criticism isn’t meant to bash LoR, though. He wants to help the devs at Riot build a better game for everyone.

After zooming in on the Create Deck button, NoxiousLive jokingly said he’d pay $5 if the button was in the Store. But then the Magic streamer became serious and said he was extremely pleased with how the monetization is set up in LoR and that he’d be glad to dump money into the game as a means of support. 

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Noxious isn’t leaving the world of Magic behind, but having him as an LoR streamer, in addition to MTG, will benefit the community as a whole. And he’s not the only digital card game player who’s interested in Riot’s new project. 

Magic Pro League player Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen spent the last two days binge-streaming LoR, sleeping three hours in between streams. Amaz has also joined the fray, racking up almost 10,000 average viewers during his LoR stream today. 

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The limited open preview of LoR ends shortly, but it’ll return again in November prior to the game’s early 2020 beta release.