Legends of Runeterra was the third most-watched game on Twitch over the last 24 hours

There's a new card game in town.

Image via Riot Games

Fans of Riot Games got a huge surprise this week when the company revealed a variety of upcoming projects.

One of those projects is Riot’s new card game, Legends of Runeterra. After the beta for the game was announced, a ton of popular streamers showed off what Riot’s been working on. Fans are so excited for LoR that it was the third most-watched game on Twitch over the past 24 hours.

Screengrab via Twitchtracker

Twitchtracker is a website that can be used to view the average amount of viewers for a game on Twitch over a set period of time. Even though the game has been out for less than a week, over the past 24 hours, LoR was able to edge itself into the No. 3 spot. LoR has around 116,000 average viewers. The only games with more as of right now are Fortnite and LoR’s parent game, League of Legends.

League and Fortnite are both regularly featured in the top three slots thanks to each game’s massive player base. League also just celebrated its 10th anniversary, which is where Riot announced new projects, including LoR.

Similar to how Hearthstone is a digital card game based around the lore of World of Warcraft, LoR will be based on League. One thing that has TCG fans excited about the game is how developers described earning cards. With LoR, Riot is aiming to take as much of the “feel bad RNG” out of the card-earning process as possible. Players will be able to grind certain reward structures that give them more control over the cards they earn.

Players can also earn drops for the game by watching their favorite streamers on Twitch. If your account isn’t activated and you receive a drop, you’ll gain beta access. A number of popular TCG streamers, including Hearthstone legends Octavian “Kripp” Morosan and Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, have been streaming the game since it was announced.

If LoR sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can sign up for the beta right now at PlayRuneterra.com.