Loops Esports disqualified from PMGC season zero

They've been disqualified for staging a protest during a game.

Image via Tencent

Loops Esports has been disqualified from the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) for staging a protest that affected the “competitive integrity” of the league, the PUBG Mobile esports team announced.

During the last game of the PMGC League stage yesterday, three of Loops’ players—Kauan “FederaL” De Paula Milagres Gonçalves, Bryan “Gxlden” Gabriel Batista de Lima, and Caio “Caiowski” Rodrigues Caldatto—dropped in a church at Ruins on the Erangel map. The players crouched in a circle at the center of the church to protest the removal of their former team captain Michael “Dadin” Barboza from the roster.

All three players were later killed by RRQ’s Pachachai “G9” Han without offering any resistance.

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On Dec. 3, Dadin was kicked from the Brazilian organization during the middle of the league stage due to some alleged internal issues within the organization. Dadin revealed the news through an Instagram story. The player said this was the decision of Carla Coelho, the CEO of Loops Esports. He didn’t comment any further on the issue because of any potential legal complications.

Dadin’s teammates weren’t happy with this decision and publicly disclosed their intention to leave the organization after the PMGC. Most of the players also made an Instagram story in support of Dadin yesterday. The post translates to “For friendship, for loyalty, for PUBG, for us, for Dadinho.”

Screengrab via Instagram

Loops’ Lucas “Carrilho” Miguel da Silva didn’t take part in the protest and played the final game normally.

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The PUBG Mobile esports team and ESL announced that they “reviewed all evidence of the unsportsmanlike behavior” of the players and found that it violated the competitive integrity of the game. Thus, under rule 6.1.2 of the PUBG Mobile esports rulebook, which says that “players must compete at the best of their skills at all times,” Loops Esports was disqualified from the PMGC. The team will also forfeit any prize money that they would’ve won.

The PUBG Mobile esports team also said “further actions” may be announced at a later date.

Even without their IGL, Loops Esports managed to play decently in the PMGC League and placed sixth. But following their disqualification, all teams from below this position have advanced a spot higher in the standings. A1 Esports, who were in 17th place, have jumped to 16th to get the last qualifying spot for the PMGC Finals at the Coca Cola Arena in Dubai next month.

This isn’t the first time Loops Esports has got into trouble for not following the rules of the competition. During the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) West earlier this year, the team was penalized for not engaging with Team Queso during a match.