How to remove keycaps

Removing keycaps is a simple and easy process.

Photo via Colton Deck

Keycaps are an easy and cost-effective way to customize your mechanical keyboard. Sometimes keycaps are worn out or broken after heavy use, and replacing them is a necessary upgrade. Removing keycaps can be tricky the first time, but the process is easy after a few keys.

Replacing or removing keycaps is relatively simple. Most mechanical keyboards come with a keycap puller, but these can also be purchased separately. There are different types of keycap pullers, but all quality options are effective in removing keycaps. 

To remove the keycap, hold the keyboard steady with one hand and press the tool down on the key. Be sure that the tool is securely underneath the keycap.

Pull straight up once the tool grabs the bottom of the cap. Avoid pulling the keycap at an angle. Pulling the keycap off at an angle can damage the key switch and stem.

Once you have removed the keycap, press the new keycap down on the stem until you feel it lock into place.

Removing keycaps also allows you to clean out dust and other debris that can gather underneath the keys with regular use. Make sure to clean this area gently with a dry cloth while the keycaps are removed. Doing this regularly keeps your keyboard tidy and sanitary. 

Not all keycaps are compatible with all keyboards. Some keyboards use less common key switches and layouts that only fit specific keycaps. Check the layout and switch type of your keyboard before purchasing a new set and removing the old one. There are hundreds of options and colorways perfect for any setup, and the sky is the limit for customization. 

Keyboard layouts also differ between regions, so make sure your new keycaps are compatible with your board’s layout. The most common layouts are ANSI and ISO.