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Fortnite’s season 7, week 7 challenges will make players destroy X-4 Stormwings

Using Rifts will also be mandatory.

Image via Epic Games

A new set of weekly challenges has just arrived in Fortnite: Battle Royale for season seven. The week seven challenges will reward players with 7,000 XP and up to 50 Battle Stars, if you complete all of them.

As usual, players should be able to complete these challenges in any standard or Limited Time Mode in Battle Royale, except for Playground. Players who want to rush challenges should look at them and try to find the best game mode to complete the most they can in a single match.

Players who tackle the week seven challenges will have to visit all Expedition Outposts, use some Rifts, and destroy planes to get all of the rewards.

Check out the full list of challenges for season seven, week seven and a tips and tricks guide below it.

Free challenges

Visit all Expedition Outposts (7)5 Battle Stars
Use a Rift or Rift-to-Go in different matches (3)5 Battle Stars
Pistol Eliminations (3)10 Battle Stars

Premium challenges

Stage 1: Land at Salty Springs
Stage 2: Land at Happy Hamlet
Stage 3: Land at Wailing Woods
Stage 4: Land at Junk Junction
Final Stage: Land at Paradise Palms
1 Battle Star per stage
Search chests in Leaky Lake or Frosty Flights (7) 5 Battle Stars
Destroy flying X-4 Stormwings (1)10 Battle Stars
Stage 1: Damage opponents in a single match (200)
Stage 2: Damage opponents in a single match (300)
Final Stage: Damage opponents in a single match (400)
3 Battle Stars per stage

Tips and tricks

  • Dealing damage to opponents doesn’t mean you have to kill them. The easiest way to complete this one is playing Duos or Squads and dealing damage to opponents who are down but not out.
  • You can also use opponents who are down to finish them off with a Pistol to get an elimination with that weapon. The pistols that are available right now include regular Pistols, the Hand Cannon, the Suppressed Pistol, the Dual Pistols, and the Scoped Revolver.
  • Destroying flying X-4 Stormwings should be easy now that they only have 800 health. If you want to rush that, grab a weapon, find a plane that’s on the ground, use the pickaxe to reduce its health to 20, and take off with it. Once you’re boosting with it vertically, get off the plane and shoot at it when you land. You’ll get credit since the plane is in mid-air.
  • To complete the Expedition Outpost challenge fast, you can take advantage of the planes you find around them. Hop onto one and fly to the next outpost.
  • If you try to complete the Rifts challenge using a Rift-to-Go in Duos or Squads, remember to help your friends and let them stay close to you when you use it. You should all get credit for a single Rift.