Can you get Shiny Bidoof in Pokémon Go?

Does it even exist?

Image via Niantic

While some trainers will enjoy the competitive side of Pokémon Go and take over gym after gym, others will walk miles to complete their Pokédex.

A Pokédex will never be completed enough unless you also collect all the Shiny versions of each Pokémon, but you don’t see those on the sidewalk every day.

Shiny Pokémon have a considerably low drop rate compared to regular ones. Depending on the type of events that Niantic announces, there’s a chance Pokémon species that fit the theme may get their drop rate increased for their Shiny versions. Shiny Gastly, for example, has been relatively easier to find during Halloween-themed events, and there have been other instances where the Pokémon made second appearances in similar events.

You can tell apart the Shiny version of a Pokémon by paying close attention to their colors since Shiny editions will feature a noticeably different color palette. Not all Pokémon have shiny versions in Pokémon Go, however, meaning it can be a decent idea to search around the web before you drop your last lure.

Can you get a Shiny Bidoof in Pokémon Go?

The cute gopher-like Pokémon, Bidoof, was recently featured in the Sinnoh Celebration Event in Pokémon Go. Despite an appearance in a datamining search, there weren’t any Shiny Bidoof spawns that were reported by the players. Bidoof was also featured on the list of Pokémon with increased spawn rates, but there wasn’t any mention of a Shiny edition.

Considering Shiny Bidoof was found in the game files but wasn’t seen anywhere throughout an event where it was highlighted may mean that the Shiny version is still under development. Shiny versions of each Pokémon may look similar to their original versions. Though that’s technically correct, they’re also designed from the ground up.

Shiny Bidoof may have gone AWOL during the Sinnoh Celebration Event in January, but it doesn’t mean that it’ll miss the upcoming celebrations. Keep an eye on the patch notes regarding future Pokémon Go events and start identifying nearby Bidoof nests so you’ll know where to go when the time comes.