Boxbox explains fog of war mechanic to detect hidden enemies in League of Legends

"I bet every pro player is gonna be doing it."

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends streamer Albert “Boxbox” Zheng is known for his astounding Riven gameplay and mastery over in-game mechanics. And now, he taught fans a neat trick for avoiding those frustrating fog of war ambushes.

The streamer jumped into the Practice Tool on his Twitch broadcast earlier today, explaining a pathing trick that will help players detect enemies hiding in the fog of war.

Boxbox explained that if there are enemy champions waiting in a bush and you path toward it, your character’s direction will slightly change course.

“Imagine Baron’s up and you’re not sure if they’re there, and you don’t have any vision,” Boxbox said. “You walk—wait a minute, character’s not walking in a straight line… Because this is a thing that can be practiced and studied, I guarantee you, in season 11, this is going to be normal. I bet every pro player is gonna be doing it.”

Even though you can’t see enemies hiding in a bush, your champion still has to path around their character models and can’t walk through them. This is an indication that you may be walking into an ambush and gives you a split second to counter it.

It’s unclear if Boxbox discovered this neat pathing trick, but he’s responsible for figuring out some mechanics of his own.

The streamer figured out that warding behind you while using your third Riven Q would change its direction, causing you to negate a Lee Sin Q.

Fans eager to learn more from Boxbox can tune in to his Twitch channel, where he streams on weekdays.